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Ethiopia Airports Information

Ethiopia is home to 56 airports which are shown on the map and listed, alphabetically, in the table below.

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All Airports in Ethiopia:

Addis Ababa Bole Airport (ADD) Arba Minch Airport (AMH) Asela Airport (ALK) Asosa Airport (ASO) Awareh Airport (AWH) Awassa Airport (AWA) Axum Airport (AXU) Baco Airport (BCO) Bahir Dar Airport (BJR) Beica Airport (BEI) Beles Airport (PWI) Bulchi Airport (BCY) Buno Bedelle Airport (XBL) Chagni Airport (MKD) Combolcha Airport (DSE) Debra Marcos Airport (DBM) Debre Tabor Airport (DBT) Degahbur Airport (DGC) Dembidollo Airport (DEM) Dire Dawa International Airport (DIR) Fincha Airport (FNH) Gambella Airport (GMB) Geladi Airport (GLC) Genda Wuha Airport (ETE) Ghimbi Airport (GHD) Ghinnir Airport (GNN) Gode Airport (GDE) Gondar Airport (GDQ) Gore Airport (GOR) Humera Airport (HUE) Jigiga Airport (JIJ) Jimma Airport (JIM) Kabri Dehar Airport (ABK) Kelafo East Airport (LFO) Lalibela Airport (LLI) Mekane Selam Airport (MKS) Mekele Airport (MQX) Mena Airport (MZX) Mendi Airport (NDM) Mizan Teferi Airport (MTF) Mota Airport (OTA) Moyale Airport (MYS) Mui Airport (MUJ) Neghelli Airport (EGL) Nejjo Airport (NEJ) Nekemte Airport (NEK) Robe Airport (GOB) Semera Airport (SZE) Shakiso Airport (SKR) Shilavo Airport (HIL) Shire Inda Selassie Airport (SHC) Soddu Airport (SXU) Tippi Airport (TIE) Tum Airport (TUJ) Waca Airport (WAC) Warder Airport (WRA)