Gabon Airports

Gabon Airports Information

Gabon is home to 42 airports which are shown on the map and listed, alphabetically, in the table below.

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Gabon Airports on the Map:

All Airports in Gabon:

Akieni Airport (AKE) Alowe Airport (AWE) Biawonque Airport (BAW) Bitam Airport (BMM) Bongo Airport (BGP) Booue Airport (BGB) Fougamou Airport (FOU) Gamba Airport (GAX) Iguela Airport (IGE) Kongoboumba Airport (GKO) Koulamoutou Airport (KOU) Lambarene Airport (LBQ) Lastourville Airport (LTL) Leconi Airport (LEO) Libreville International Airport (LBV) M'Bigou Airport (MBC) M'Vengue El Hadj Omar Bongo Ondimba International Airport (MVB) Makokou Airport (MKU) Mandji Airport (KMD) Manega Airport (MGO) Mayumba Airport (MYB) Medouneu Airport (MDV) Mekambo Airport (MKB) Mevang Airport (MVG) Miele Mimbale Airport (GIM) Minvoul Airport (MVX) Mitzic Airport (MZC) Moabi Airport (MGX) Moanda Airport (MFF) Mouilla Ville Airport (MJL) Ndende Airport (KDN) Nkan Airport (NKA) Okondja Airport (OKN) Omboue Hopital Airport (OMB) Ouanga Airport (OUU) Owendo Airport (OWE) Oyem Airport (OYE) Port Gentil Airport (POG) Sette Cama Airport (ZKM) Tchibanga Airport (TCH) Wagny Airport (WGY) Wora Na Ye Airport (WNE)