Marshall Islands Airports

Marshall Islands Airports Information

Marshall Islands is home to 36 airports which are shown on the map and listed, alphabetically, in the table below.

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Marshall Islands Airports on the Map:

All Airports in Marshall Islands:

Ailinglaplap Airport (AIP) Ailuk Airport (AIM) Airok Airport (AIC) Arno Airport (AMR) Aur Island Airport (AUL) Bucholz Army Air Field Airport (KWA) Ebadon Airport (EBN) Ebon Airport (EBO) Elenak Airport (EAL) Enijet Airport (EJT) Eniwetok Airport (ENT) Enyu Airfield Airport (BII) Ine Island Airport (IMI) Jabot Airport (JAT) Jaluit Airport (UIT) Jeh Airport (JEJ) Kaben Airport (KBT) Kili Airport (KIO) Lae Island Airport (LML) Likiep Airport (LIK) Loen Airport (LOF) Majkin Airport (MJE) Majuro Marshall Islands International Airport (MAJ) Maloelap Island Airport (MAV) Mejit Atoll Airport (MJB) Mili Island Airport (MIJ) Namorik Atoll Airport (NDK) Namu Airport (NMU) Rongelap Island Airport (RNP) Tabal Airport (TBV) Tinak Airport (TIC) Ujae Atoll Airport (UJE) Utirik Airport (UTK) Woja Airport (WJA) Wotho Island Airport (WTO) Wotje Atoll Airport (WTE)