Solomon Islands Airports

Solomon Islands Airports Information

Solomon Islands is home to 42 airports which are shown on the map and listed, alphabetically, in the table below.

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Solomon Islands Airports on the Map:

All Airports in Solomon Islands:

Afutara Aerodrome Airport (AFT) Anuha Island Resort Airport (ANH) Avu Avu Airport (AVU) Babanakira Airport (MBU) Ballalae Airport (BAS) Barakoma Airport (VEV) Barora Airport (RRI) Batuna Aerodrome Airport (BPF) Bellona/Anua Airport (BNY) Choiseul Bay Airport (CHY) Fera/Maringe Airport (FRE) Gatokae Airport (GTA) Geva Airport (GEF) Guadalcanal Airport (GSI) Honiara International Airport (HIR) Kagau Island Airport (KGE) Kukundu Airport (KUE) Kwai Harbour Airport (KWR) Kwailabesi Airport (KWS) Marau Airport (RUS) Mono Airport (MNY) Munda Airport (MUA) Nana Airport (NAZ) Ngorangora Airport (IRA) Nusatupe Airport (GZO) Onepusu Airport (ONE) Ontong Java Atoll Airstrip Airport (OTV) Parasi Airport (PRS) Ramata Airport (RBV) Rennell/Tingoa Airport (RNL) Ringi Cove Airport (RIN) Santa Ana Airport (NNB) Santa Cruz/Graciosa Bay/Luova Airport (SCZ) Savo Airport (SVY) Sege Airport (EGM) Suavanao Airport (VAO) Tarapaina Airport (TAA) Tulaghi Airport (TLG) Ulawa Airport (RNA) Uru Harbour Airport (ATD) Viru Harbour Airstrip Airport (VIU) Yandina Airport (XYA)