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Japan is home to 104 airports which are shown on the map and listed, alphabetically, in the table below.

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All Airports in Japan:

Aguni Airport (AGJ) Akita Airport (AXT) Amakusa Airport (AXJ) Amami Airport (ASJ) Aomori Airport (AOJ) Asahikawa Airport (AKJ) Atsugi Naval Air Facility Airport (NJA) Beppu Airport (BPU) Fukue Airport (FUJ) Fukui Airport (FKJ) Fukuoka Airport (FUK) Fukushima Airport (FKS) Hachijojima Airport (HAC) Hachinohe Airport (HHE) Hakodate Airport (HKD) Hanamaki Airport (HNA) Hateruma Airport (HTR) Hiroshima Airport (HIJ) Hiroshimanishi Airport (HIW) Ie Jima Airport (IEJ) Iki Airport (IKI) Ishigaki New Airport (ISG) Iwakuni Kintaikyo Airport (IWK) Iwo Jima Airport (IWO) Izumo Airport (IZO) Kadena Air Base Airport (DNA) Kagoshima Airport (KOJ) Kansai Airport (UKY) Kerama Airport (KJP) Kikai Airport (KKX) Kitaakita Odate Noshiro Airport (ONJ) Kitadaito Airport (KTD) Kitakyushu Airport (KKJ) Kobe Airport (UKB) Kochi Airport (KCZ) Komatsu Airport (KMQ) Kumamoto Airport (KMJ) Kumejima Airport (UEO) Kushimoto Airport (KUJ) Kushiro Airport (KUH) Masuda Hagi Iwami Airport (IWJ) Matsumoto Airport (MMJ) Matsuyama Airport (MYJ) Memanbetsu Airport (MMB) Minami Daito Airport (MMD) Minami Torishima Airport (MUS) Misawa Airport (MSJ) Miyakejima Airport (MYE) Miyako Airport (MMY) Miyazaki Airport (KMI) Monbetsu Airport (MBE) Nagasaki Airport (NGS) Nagoya Chubu Centrair International Airport (NGO) Nagoya Komaki Airport (NKM) Naha Air Force Base Airport (AHA) Naha Airport (OKA) Nakashibetsu Airport (SHB) Nanki Shirahama Airport (SHM) New Tanegashima Airport (TNE) Niigata Airport (KIJ) Niihama Airport (IHA) Nishinoomote Airport (IIN) Obihiro Tokachi Airport (OBO) Oita Airport (OIT) Okadama Airport (OKD) Okayama Airport (OKJ) Oki Airport (OKI) Okierabu Airport (OKE) Okushiri Airport (OIR) Omitama Ibaraki Airport (IBR) Omura Airport (OMJ) Osaka International Airport (ITM) Osaka Kansai International Airport (KIX) Oshima Airport (OIM) Rebun Airport (RBJ) Rishiri Airport (RIS) Ryotsu Sado Is Airport (SDO) Sado Airport (SDS) Saga Airport (HSG) Sakata Shonai Airport (SYO) Sapporo New Chitose Airport (CTS) Sendai Airport (SDJ) Shimojishima Airport (SHI) Shizuoka Airport (FSZ) Tajima Airport (TJH) Takamatsu Airport (TAK) Tarama Airport (TRA) Tokunoshima Airport (TKN) Tokushima Airport (TKS) Tokyo Haneda International Airport (HND) Tokyo Narita International Airport (NRT) Tottori Airport (TTJ) Toyama Airport (TOY) Tsushima Airport (TSJ) Ube Yamaguchi Airport (UBJ) Wajima Noto Airport (NTQ) Wakkanai Airport (WKJ) Yakushima Airport (KUM) Yamagata Airport (GAJ) Yokohama Airport (YOK) Yokota Air Base Airport (OKO) Yonago Miho Airport (YGJ) Yonaguni Airport (OGN) Yoronjima Yoron Airport (RNJ)