Saturday Jul 4th 2020
Tunis A320 at Tunis on Jul 3rd 2020, aircraft ends wild hunt
Cargolux B744 at Hong Kong on Jul 4th 2020, rejected takeoff due to engine problem
Friday Jul 3rd 2020
Inuit B732 at Montreal on Jul 1st 2020, unreliable airspeed
Malta B738 near Thessaloniki on Jul 3rd 2020, smoke indication
United B789 at Tokyo on Jul 2nd 2020, leading edge flaps trouble
PSA CRJ7 at Charlotte on Jul 1st 2020, anti-skid problem
United B789 at Tokyo on Jul 3rd 2020, leading edge flaps trouble
United B789 at Tokyo on Jul 2nd 2020, leading edge flaps trouble
China Airlines A333 at Taipei on Jun 14th 2020, all primary computers, reversers and autobrakes failed on touchdown
Thursday Jul 2nd 2020
S7 A320 and Emirates B773 near Rostov on Jun 10th 2020, loss of separation
United B78X near Amsterdam on Jul 2nd 2020, airframe vibrations
Wednesday Jul 1st 2020
Zimbabwe B762 at Bangkok on Jul 1st 2020, engine shut down in flight
Garuda A333 at Makassar on Jul 1st 2020, runway excursion during backtracking for departure
Easyjet Europe A320 near Berlin on Jul 1st 2020, cabin pressure problems
Tuesday Jun 30th 2020
United B772 over Pacific on Feb 13th 2018, fan blade, engine cowl and inlet separated in flight, blade debris impacted fuselage
Transavia B738 near Amsterdam on Jun 28th 2020, anti-ice problem
NORRA AT72 at Helsinki on Jun 30th 2020, smoke in cockpit
AirAsia X A333 near Learmonth on Jun 25th 2017, engine shut down in flight after severe vibrations
Virgin Australia B738 at Apia on Apr 23rd 2016, pod strike on landing
Monday Jun 29th 2020
S7 A320 near Rostov on Jun 29th 2020, engine shut down in flight
PSA CRJ9 at Charlotte on Jun 28th 2020, gear disagrees
Sunday Jun 28th 2020
Skywest CRJ2 near Prescott on Jun 26th 2020, loss of cabin pressure
Transavia France B738 at Paris on Jun 27th 2020, cabin pressurization problem
Saturday Jun 27th 2020
Western Global MD11 near Chicago on Jun 27th 2020, loss of cabin pressure
Friday Jun 26th 2020
Jetstar B788 near Osaka on Mar 29th 2019, both engines temporarily rolled back
ANA B773 enroute on Jun 26th 2020, deflated tyre
Eagle L410 at Lankien on Jun 25th 2020, contacted tree during departure
UIA B738 at Tehran on Jan 8th 2020, lost height after departure, aircraft shot down by Iran's armed forces
Ryanair B738 at Bergerac on Jan 29th 2015, descended below minimum safe altitude on NDB approach
Thursday Jun 25th 2020
TUIFly B738 at Brussels on Jun 25th 2020, engine problem
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