Tuesday Aug 4th 2020
Comair B738 near Lanseria on Jul 8th 2019, engine shut down in flight
Lion B38M near Jakarta on Oct 29th 2018, aircraft lost height and crashed into Java Sea, wrong AoA data
Ethiopian B38M near Bishoftu on Mar 10th 2019, impacted terrain after departure
Rossiya A320 at St. Petersburg on Aug 4th 2020, cracked windshield
PIA B772 and Emirates B773 near Karachi on Jan 7th 2020, loss of separation
Ju-Air JU52 at Piz Segnas on Aug 4th 2018, lost height in spiral descending trajectory
Monday Aug 3rd 2020
Trigana B733 at Wamena on Sep 13th 2016, hard landing results in main gear collapse
United B788 at Newark on Jul 9th 2020, runway guard light in landing gear
Nepal A320 at Kathmandu on Aug 2nd 2020, cargo door indication
Trigana B733 at Jayapura on Feb 25th 2020, runway excursion on rejected takeoff
Alaska B739 near Columbus on Aug 2nd 2020, battery running away
Sunday Aug 2nd 2020
Sprint AT72 at Ljubljana on Jul 31st 2020, smoke in cockpit
Saturday Aug 1st 2020
Yakutia DH8C, Polar AN24 and irAero AN24 at Yakutsk on Jul 30th 2020, TCAS resolutions
Friday Jul 31st 2020
Alkan D228 at Coffee Creek on Jul 22nd 2020, drum roll on touchdown
Canadian North DH8A near Calgary on Jul 23rd 2020, hydraulic leak
Gojet CRJ7 at St. Louis on Jul 18th 2020, lavatory smoke detector indication
Thai B744 at Tokyo on Apr 11th 2018, GPWS alert on short final
JAL B763 at Kumamoto on May 24th 2018, raining engine
Thursday Jul 30th 2020
Volotea B712 at Pantelleria on Jul 26th 2020, rejected takeoff due to bird strike
ANZ DH8C at Nelson on Jul 30th 2020, hydraulic failure
United B78X at Paris on Jul 20th 2020, cleared to land on wrong runway, ATC error saved by Easyjet
British Airways A320 at London on Sep 23rd 2019, smoke in cabin
British Airways A320 near London on Feb 10th 2019, fumes in flight deck and cabin
Wednesday Jul 29th 2020
Safair B734 at Johannesburg on Sep 16th 2019, multiple system failures on rotation for takeoff
NORRA AT72 at Helsinki on Jun 30th 2020, smoke in cockpit
Fedex MD11 near Albuquerque on Jul 29th 2020, engine shut down in flight
Trans Maldivian DHC6 at Kuredhu Island on Feb 24th 2020, bounced landing, wing tip dipped into water
Tuesday Jul 28th 2020
Aerocontractors DH8D near Lagos on Apr 18th 2017, smoke in cabin
Trigana B733 at Wamena on Jul 28th 2020, wing tip strike on unstabilized approach
United B773 at Sydney on Jan 22nd 2020, unexpected turn causes loss of separation