Madagascar Airports

Madagascar Airports Information

Madagascar is home to 65 airports which are shown on the map and listed, alphabetically, in the table below.

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Madagascar Airports on the Map:

All Airports in Madagascar:

Ambalabe Airport (WAI) Ambanja Airport (IVA) Ambatolhy Airport (AHY) Ambatomainty Airport (AMY) Ambatondrazaka Airport (WAM) Ambilobe Airport (AMB) Amborovy Airport (MJN) Ampanihy Airport (AMP) Analalava Airport (HVA) Andapa Airport (ZWA) Andriamena Airport (WAD) Ankavandra Airport (JVA) Ankazoabo Airport (WAK) Ankokoambo Airport (NKO) Antananarivo Ivato International Airport (TNR) Antsalova Airport (WAQ) Antsirabato Airport (ANM) Antsirabe Airport (ATJ) Antsoa Airport (WBO) Arrachart Airport (DIE) Atsinanana Airport (ILK) Avaratra Airport (WBD) Bealanana Airport (WBE) Bekily Airport (OVA) Belo sur Tsiribihina Airport (BMD) Bemolanga Airport (BZM) Besakoa Airport (BSV) Besalampy Airport (BPY) Betioky Airport (BKU) Doany Airport (DOA) Farafangana Airport (RVA) Fianarantsoa Airport (WFI) Ihosy Airport (IHO) Madirovalo Airport (WMV) Mahanoro Airport (VVB) Maintirano Airport (MXT) Malaimbandy Airport (WML) Mampikony Airport (WMP) Manakara Airport (WVK) Mananara Nord Airport (WMR) Mananjary Airport (MNJ) Mandabe Airport (WMD) Mandritsara Airport (WMA) Manja Airport (MJA) Maroantsetra Airport (WMN) Miandrivazo Airport (ZVA) Morafenobe Airport (TVA) Moramba Airport (WOR) Morombe Airport (MXM) Morondava Airport (MOQ) Nosy Be Fascene Airport (NOS) Port Bergé Airport (WPB) Sainte Marie Airport (SMS) Samangoky Airport (TDV) Sambava Airport (SVB) Soalala Airport (DWB) Tambohorano Airport (WTA) Toamasina Airport (TMM) Tôlanaro Airport (FTU) Toliara Airport (TLE) Tsaratanana Airport (TTS) Tsiroanomandidy Airport (WTS) Vangaindrano Airport (VND) Vatomandry Airport (VAT) Vohimarina Airport (VOH)