Created Monday, Jun 7th 2021 15:38Z, last updated Monday, Jun 7th 2021 15:38Z
An Aeroflot Sukhoi Superjet 100-95, registration RA-89100 performing flight SU-1446 from Moscow Sheremetyevo to Orenburg (Russia), was enroute at FL330 about 160nm southeast of Moscow when fault messages "ELEC L DC BUS FAULT2 and "ELEC R DC BUS FAULT" together with multiple other messages and the autopilot disconnection occurred. The crew also noticed the cabin altitude began to increase and requested to descend to FL300, which was approved. The crew worked the related checklists and were able to restore the DC Busses and system functions, however, just before levelling off at FL300 both DC Bus messages appeared again. The crew again worked the checklists, was again able to restore all systems and continued to Orenburg for a safe landing about 90 minutes after the first fault messages. During roll out a "ENG L REV FAULT" appeared. The crew vacated the runway, shut the left hand engine down and taxied to the apron.

Rosaviatsia reports the technical condition of the aircraft is being assessed.

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