Created Wednesday, Jun 9th 2021 14:54Z, last updated Wednesday, Jun 9th 2021 14:54Z
An American Airlines Boeing 757-200, registration N192AN performing flight AA-89 from Shannon (Ireland) to Philadelphia,PA (USA) with 181 people on board, was performing an ILS approach to Philadelphia's runway 09R when the aircraft touched down normally in the touch down zone, however, pitched up quickly after the spoilers deployed, the captain, pilot flying, quickly counter acted. The aircraft rolled out without further incident.

The NTSB reported during taxi a flight attendant called the cockpit and informed the flight crew about unusual noises during touchdown. A post flight inspection revealed the aft pressure bulkhead was buckled, the skin was worn through around station 1720 to the pressure bulkhead, and the skin was wrinkled from station 1701 to station 1743 and stringers 23L ro 23R.

On Jun 9th 2021 the NTSB released their final report concluding the probable cause of the accident was:

The captain's improper control of the airplane during the landing flare.

The NTSB analysed:

The captain was the pilot flying and the first officer was the pilot monitoring. The flight crew stated that the ILS 09R approach was normal and the airplane landed in the touchdown zone. The captain stated that as the airplane touched down the nose pitched up abruptly when the spoilers auto-deployed but that he quickly countered the pitch up and flew the nose back on to the runway. As the flight was taxiing to the gate a flight attendant called on the interphone to inform the crew that they had heard an unusual noise during landing.

At the time of landing, the winds were reported to be from 130 degrees at 5 knots, with no gusts.
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