Created Thursday, Aug 4th 2022 22:45Z, last updated Wednesday, Aug 10th 2022 19:14Z
An Azul Linhas Aereas Airbus A320-200N, registration PR-YRF performing flight AD-4459 from Sao Luiz,MA to Belo Horizonte,MG (Brazil), was enroute at FL380 about 220nm west of Petrolina,PE (Brazil) when the crew needed to shut the left hand engine (LEAP) down. The aircraft drifted down to FL100 and diverted to Petrolinas for a safe landing on runway 13. The aircraft stopped on the runway, was checked by emergency services and subsequently towed off the runway.

On Aug 10th 2022 Brazil's CENIPA reported the #1 engine showed a low oil pressure indication. The crew worked the related checklists and diverted to Petrolinas without "major complications".

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