Created Friday, May 13th 2022 20:01Z, last updated Friday, May 13th 2022 20:01Z
A Cargojet Boeing 757-200, registration C-GIAJ performing flight W8-909 from Hamilton,ON to Vancouver,BC (Canada) with 2 crew, was climbing through FL290 towards FL380 out of Hamilton when the crew observed the cabin altitude climb with an EICAS warning "Cabin Altitude" illuminating. The crew initiated an emergency descent and diverted to Calgary,AB.

The Canadian TSB reported that maintenance while examing all systems that could have caused the problem also checked DVI of the ECS (environment control system) bay was checked and found a right pack discharge duct coupling had dislodged from its clamp. This had been the first flight after a "C" Check, hence all clamps and duct connections were checked too with no further fault found. A test flight did not reveal any other anomaly.

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