Created Wednesday, Jun 9th 2021 15:17Z, last updated Wednesday, Jun 9th 2021 15:17Z
A Conviasa Embraer ERJ-190, registration YV2953 performing flight V0-1002 from Caracas to Porlamar (Venezuela) with 104 people on board, was on approach to Porlamar when upon extending the landing gear the crew did not receive gear down and locked indication for all landing gear and aborted the approach. The aircraft entered a hold while the crew worked the related checklists. The aircraft landed safely about 20 minutes after aborting the first approach.

Venezuela's INAC (Civil Aviation Authority) reported the aircraft aborted the approach at 10:13L (14:13Z) due to an unsafe gear indication, the crew applied the related procedures and landed safely at 10:30L (14:30Z).

Passengers reported flight attendants briefed the emergency brace procedures and during landing had the passengers assume their brace positions. The landing was safe and they were received by emergency services.

The flight was estimated to depart Caracas at 09:00L and to land in Porlamar at 10:00L, however, had departed Caracas with a delay of about 20 minutes.

Local media report the aircraft entered a hold for 90 minutes to burn off fuel before landing.

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