Created Wednesday, Nov 17th 2021 12:00Z, last updated Wednesday, Nov 24th 2021 14:41Z
A DAT Danish Air Transport Avions de Transport Regional ATR-42-300, registration OY-JRY performing flight DX-83 from Karup to Copenhagen (Denmark) with 43 people on board, was climbing out of Karup when the crew smelled smoke and burnt rubber in the cockpit and decided to return to Karup, where the aircraft landed safely. Emergency services did not detect any fire.

The airline reported one of the communication radios was found defective.

On Nov 24th 2021 the Danish HCL reported the crew observed some smoke from the windscreen area shortly after takeoff, donned their oxygen masks, declared Mayday and decided to return to Karup. ALl aircraft systems continued to work normally, there were no warning or caution indications. The smoke stopped shortly after. The aircraft landed safely, vacated the runway and shut the engines down on the adjacent taxiway. The aircraft sustained minor damage, the occurrence was rated a serious incident.

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