Created Wednesday, Jun 9th 2021 19:33Z, last updated Wednesday, Jun 9th 2021 19:33Z
A Delta Airlines Boeing 757-200, registration N624AG performing positioning flight DL-9887 from Keflavik (Iceland) to New York JFK,NY (USA) with 8 crew, was climbing out of Keflavik when the crew noticed an electrical burning odour without visible smoke. The crew worked the related smoke/fire/fumes checklist, determined no circuit breakers had tripped, there were no EICAS alerts. The crew consulted with maintenance and as the source of the odour could not be determined a decision was made to return to Keflavik. The aircraft descended from FL380 and FL290 and landed safely back about 2:50 hours after departure.

The Canadian TSB reported maintenance had replaced the right hand Multi Control Display Unit (MCDU) the previous night due to a report snag. Following the occurrence flight the MCDU was again replaced, new recirculation filters were installed and the electrical harness and connectors inspected with no anomaly like arcing or damage found.