Created Wednesday, Nov 24th 2021 15:44Z, last updated Saturday, Nov 27th 2021 16:31Z
A Frontier Airlines Airbus A320-200, registration N233FR performing flight F9-820 from West Palm Beach,FL to Trenton,NJ (USA), was on approach to Trenton's runway 06 when the aircraft flew through birds and received a number of bird impacts. The aircraft continued for a safe landing.

The FAA reported: "AIRCRAFT STRUCK MULTIPLE BIRDS AND POST FLIGHT INSPECTION REVEALED A HOLE IN THE FUSELAGE, TRENTON, NJ.", the damage was unknown and the occurrence rated an incident.

The following day the FAA reported the damage was substantial and the occurrence is now rated an accident.

The aircraft remained on the ground in Trenton for about 70 hours before returning to service.

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