Created Friday, Aug 5th 2022 18:13Z, last updated Friday, Aug 5th 2022 18:13Z
A Frontier Airlines Airbus A321-200, registration N709FR performing flight F9-1334 from Orlando,FL to New York La Guardia,NY (USA), was climbing out of Orlando's runway 17R when the crew reported a bird strike resulting in engine (CFM56) vibrations. ATC, expecting the aircraft to land back on runway 17R, pulled off two flights from their approaches to 17R and re-assigned runway 17L, then the Frontier flight was assigned runway 17L and ATC re-assigned the other two approaches now to runway 18L. Ultimately the A321 landed on Orlando's runway 18R about 20 minutes after departure.

The flight was cancelled.

The occurrence aircraft is still on the ground in Orlando about 47 hours after landing back.

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