Created Friday, Nov 19th 2021 21:55Z, last updated Friday, Nov 19th 2021 21:55Z
A Kalitta Boeing 747-400, registration N743CK performing flight K4-950 from Anchorage,AK to Cincinnati,KY (USA), was climbing out of Anchorage when the crew received a fuel filter message for the #4 engine (CF6, outboard right hand), the crew worked the related checklists and decided to continue the flight climbing to and maintaining cruise FL350. About 2.5 hours into the flight the crew also received a fuel filter message for the #3 engine (CF6, inboard right hand), worked the checklists which required a landing at the nearest airport in case more than one fuel filter message occurred, and diverted to Cold Lake,AB (Canada) where the aircraft landed safely about 25 minutes after leaving FL350.

The Canadian TSB reported maintenance replaced the #3 and #4 fuel filters. The aircraft subsequently continued to Cincinnati where the operator also replaced #1 and #2 fuel filters.

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