Created Thursday, Jan 13th 2022 17:33Z, last updated Friday, Jan 14th 2022 18:31Z
A LOT POlish Airlines Boeing 787-8, registration SP-LRG performing flight LO-6233 from Warsaw (Poland) to Santa Clara (Cuba), was climbing out of Warsaw's runway 33 cleared to climb to FL240 when the crew requested to stop climb at 6000 feet due to a technical problem. The crew subsequently reported they had a problem with the flaps and needed to return to Warsaw, but before needed to dump fuel. ATC advised minimum altitude for fuel dump was FL140, the crew advised they were able to climb FL140 and were cleared to climb FL140. The aircraft climbed further to FL150 and FL170 before positioning for the approach back to Warsaw's runway 33, where the aircraft landed safely about 65 minutes after departure.

A replacement Boeing 787-8 registration SP-LRE reached Santa Clara with a delay of about 3.5 hours.

The occurrence aircraft is still on the ground in Warsaw about 53 hours after landing back.

On Jan 14th 2022 The Aviation Herald received information that the crew received a slat drive message. Maintenance replaced the leading edge skew detection mechanism. The aircraft also suffered a right hand engine surge during the flight, the crew in addition received a right hand jettison nozzle message after the fuel dump was completed.

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