Created Wednesday, Nov 24th 2021 08:39Z, last updated Monday, Nov 29th 2021 13:29Z
A Red Wings Airlines Sukhoi Superjet 100-95, registration RA-89138 performing flight WZ-1279 from Chelyabinsk to Norilsk (Russia) with 81 passengers and 6 crew, landed on Norilsk's runway 19 at 09:44L (02:44Z) but began to veer left off the runway about 1800 meters/5940 feet down the runway and came to a stop off the runway after skidding for about 30 meters. There were no injuries.

The aircraft was returned onto the paved surface of the runway about 80 minutes later.

The Eastern Interregional Transport Investigation Department is looking into the occurrence.

The airline reported later that the captain was pilot flying for the landing. Autobrakes had been set to LOW, reversers were stowed at about 75 KIAS. Autobrakes were disabled at about 40 KIAS, at that point the aircraft became uncontrollable, veered to the left and went off the left edge of the runway. All actions by the crew to prevent the runway excursions did not succeed. At the time of touchdown the winds were from 130 degrees at 13m/s (25 knots), visibility was 4000 meters. Friction value of the runway was 0.38. The airline stated the recommended procedure for landing on low friction (below 0.4) runways is:
1. at friction coefficients below 0.4 use AUTOBRAKES MAX up to a minimum speed of 10 knots.
2. Use thrust reversers in max reverse until 75 KIAS, then continue with engines in idle and with reversers open down to 35 KIAS, just retard the reverser levers to the idle stop.
3. In the event of yawing do NOT disable autobrakes

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