Created Wednesday, Aug 26th 2020 16:28Z, last updated Thursday, Sep 3rd 2020 21:07Z

A Rossiya Boeing 747-400, registration EI-XLE performing flight FV-5861 from Moscow Sheremetyevo (Russia) to Antalya (Turkey), was climbing out of Moscow when the crew stopped the climb at FL300 due to abnormal parameters shown by the engine #2 (CF6, inboard left hand). The crew reduced the engine to idle, when the crew subsequently attempted to increase thrust again the engine indications didn't change. The crew reduced the thrust lever to idle again and decided to return to Moscow Sheremetyevo, where the aircraft landed safely about one hour after departure. A post flight inspection did not reveal any obvious damage.

A replacement Boeing 747-400 registration EI-XLH reahced Antalya with a delay of about 4 hours.

The occurrence aircraft is still on the ground in Moscow 7 days later.

On Sep 3rd 2020 Rosaviatsia reported engine #2 suffered an engine surge.