Created Tuesday, Sep 20th 2022 22:38Z, last updated Tuesday, Sep 20th 2022 22:44Z
A Saeta Peru British Aerospace Jetstream 32, registration OB-2152 performing a flight from San Antonio el Estrecho [SPEE] to Iquito (Peru) with 15 passengers and 2 crew, was accelerating for takeoff from San Antonio el Estrecho's runway 31 (length 1205 meters/3950 feet) when the aircraft overran the end of the runway, crossed the airport perimeter, went across a road and came to a stop about 70 meters past the runway end with the gear collapsed. 15 passengers were taken to a hospital, one of them died in hospital care, 5 remained in hospital care, the others were released with minor injuries.

The local hospital reported 6 persons were admitted to their hospital, one of them died, 5 others are being treated for injuries of varying degrees however in stable condition.

The aircraft past the runway end:

Map (Graphics: AVH/Google Earth):