Created Friday, Aug 28th 2020 18:24Z, last updated Tuesday, Sep 1st 2020 20:33Z

A Swiss International Airlines Boeing 777-300, registration HB-JNC performing flight LX-14 from Zurich (Switzerland) to New York JFK,NY (USA) with 118 passengers and 13 crew, was enroute at FL340 about 30nm southeast of Dublin (Ireland) when the crew decided to return to Zurich due to a fresh water indication. The aircraft descended to FL310 and landed safely back on Zurich's runway 14 about 3:15 hours after departure.

The airline reported an erroneous indication regarding the fresh water tanks occurred. A replacement aircraft is going to take the passengers to New York.

A replacement Boeing 777-300 registration HB-JNE is currently estimated to reach New York with a delay of about 6 hours.

On Sep 1st 2020 The Aviation Herald learned that no more water was available, the crew suspected a leak.

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