Created Thursday, May 27th 2021 17:53Z, last updated Wednesday, Jun 9th 2021 16:53Z
A TUI Airlines Belgium Boeing 737-700, registration OO-JAO performing flight TB-2182 from Thira (Greece) to Brussels (Belgium) with 80 people on board, was enroute at FL400 about 70nm west of Belgrade (Serbia) when the crew shut the left hand engine (CFM56) down due to loss of oil pressure and diverted to Belgrade for a safe landing on runway 12 about 25 minutes later.

The aircraft remained on the ground in Belgrade for about 71 hours, then positioned to Brussels and resumed service the following morning of May 31st 2021.

On Jun 9th 2021 Serbia's Civil Aviation Authority reported the occurrence was rated a serious incident and opened an investigation. When the aircraft contacted Belgrade Control about 50 minutes into the flight from Thira, the crew advised they had a low oil quantity indication on the left hand engine, however, oil pressure and temperature remained normal. About 20 minutes later the oil pressure in the left hand engine began to drop prompting the crew to check the weather conditions of nearby airports and decide to divert to Belgrade. About 5 minutes into the descent towards Belgrade the oil pressure fell below the limits prompting the crew to shut the engine down. The aircraft continued to Belgrade for a safe single engine landing. A post flight inspection revealed an oil leak as well as damage to the left hand engine's starter.

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