Created Wednesday, Jul 21st 2021 12:53Z, last updated Wednesday, Jul 21st 2021 19:43Z
A UPS United Parcel Service Boeing 747-8, registration N624UP performing flight 5X-3 from Hong Kong (China) to Dubai (United Arab Emirates), was climbing out of Hong Kong's runway 07R when the crew received indication of the #1 engines (GEnx, outboard left) exceeding limits at 400 feet, at 1500 feet the engine fire warning occurred. The crew discharged both fire bottles into the engine with the warning persisting. The aircraft stopped the climb and returned to Hong Kong for a safe overweight (about 426 tons, MTOW 442 tons, MLW 350 tons) landing on runway 07L coming to a stop about 2500 meters down the runway about 15 minutes after departure. Fire services put the fire out.

The aircraft is still on the ground in Hong Kong about 38 hours after landing back.

The engine seen after landing:

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