Created Monday, Jun 7th 2021 19:32Z, last updated Monday, Jun 7th 2021 20:00Z
A Vistara Boeing 737-800, registration VT-TGE performing flight UK-775 from Mumbai to Kolkata (India) with 123 people on board, was descending towards Kolkata about 15 minutes prior to landing (descending through about 8000 feet MSL) when the aircraft encountered severe turbulence causing serious injuries to three passengers and minor injuries to five passengers. The aircraft continued for a safe landing on Kolkata's runway 19R. The three passengers with serious injuries were taken to local hospitals and diagnosed with a fractured arm, a dislocated shoulder and head injuries. The passengers with minor injuries received medical assistance at the airport and continued on.

The occurrence aircraft is still on the ground in Kolkata almost 9 hours after landing.

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