By Simon Hradecky, created Wednesday, Jul 29th 2020 21:24Z, last updated Thursday, Jul 30th 2020 23:24Z

A Volotea Boeing 717-200, registration EI-FCU performing flight V7-1721 from Pantelleria to Milan Bergamo (Italy) with 95 people on board, was accelerating for takeoff from Pantelleria's runway 26 when the crew rejected takeoff due to a bird strike followed by the failure of the right hand airspeed indications. The aircraft slowed safely and returned to the apron.

A post flight inspection revealed a bird had impacted the right hand (first officer's) pitot tube. Following repairs the aircraft was able to depart with a delay of 10 hours.

Pantelleria Emergency services reported it appeared a large bird had been ingested by one of the engines (BR715), the crew immediately thereafter applied braking and safely stopped the aircraft.

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