United States Airports

United States Airports Information

United States is home to 2259 airports which are shown on the map and listed, alphabetically, in the table below.

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All Airports in United States:

A L Mangham Jr. Regional Airport (OCH) A P Hill Aaf (APH) Aberdeen Regional Airport (ABR) Abilene Regional Airport (ABI) Accomack County Airport (MFV) Ada Municipal Airport (ADT) Adak Airport (ADK) AFS Airport (OHC) Afton Municipal Airport (AFO) Aiken Municipal Airport (AIK) Ainsworth Municipal Airport (ANW) Airpark Airport (MDD) Airstrip Airport (VIK) Akhiok Airport (AKK) Akiachak Seaplane Base Airport (KKI) Akiak Airport (AKI) Akron Canton Airport (CAK) Akron Fulton International Airport (AKC) Akutan Seaplane Base Airport (KQA) Alakanuk Airport (AUK) Alameda Naval Air Station Airport (NGZ) Alamogordo White Sands Regional Airport (ALM) Albany International Airport (ALB) Albany NAS Airport (NAB) Albany Southwest Georgia Regional Airport (ABY) Albert Lea Municipal Airport (AEL) Albert Whitted Airport (SPG) Albertus Airport (FEP) Albuquerque International Airport (ABQ) Aleknagik / New Airport (WKK) Aleneva Airport (AED) Alexander Field Airport (ISW) Alexandria Bay Airport (AXB) Alexandria International Airport (AEX) Algona Municipal Airport (AXG) Alice International Airport (ALI) Alitak Seaplane Base Airport (ALZ) Allakaket Airport (AET) Allen Army Airfield Airport (BIG) Allen C Perkinson Blackstone Army Air Field Airport (BKT) Allentown Lehigh Valley International Airport (ABE) Alliance Municipal Airport (AIA) Alpena County Regional Airport (APN) Alpine Airport (ALE) Altoona Blair County Airport (AOO) Altus AFB Airport (LTS) Altus Quartz Mountain Regional Airport (AXS) Amarillo Rick Husband International Airport (AMA) Ambler Airport (ABL) Amchitka Army Airfield Airport (AHT) Amedee Army Air Field Airport (AHC) Amery Municipal Airport (AHH) Ames Municipal Airport (AMW) Amook Bay Seaplane Base Airport (AOS) Anacortes Airport (OTS) Anaheim Airport (ANA) Anaktuvuk Pass Airport (AKP) Anchorage Ted Stevens International Airport (ANC) Anderson Municipal Darlington Field Airport (AID) Anderson Regional Airport (AND) Andrau Airpark Airport (AAP) Andrews Air Force Base Airport (ADW) Andrews NAF Airport (NSF) Angel Fire Airport (AXX) Angoon Seaplane Base Airport (AGN) Aniak Airport (ANI) Animas Air Park Airport (AMK) Anita Bay Airport (AIB) Ann Arbor Municipal Airport (ARB) Annette Island Airport (ANN) Anniston Metropolitan Airport (ANB) Anthony Municipal Airport (ANY) Antlers Municipal Airport (ATE) Antrim County Airport (ACB) Anvik Airport (ANV) Ap In The Sky Airport (CIB) Apalachicola Regional Airport (AAF) Apple Valley Airport (APV) Appleton Outagamie County Regional Airport (ATW) Aransas County Airport (RKP) Aransas National Wildlife Refuge Airport (MGI) Arapahoe Municipal Airport (AHF) Arctic Village Airport (ARC) Ardmore Downtown Executive Airport (AHD) Ardmore Municipal Airport (ADM) Arlington Municipal Airport (GKY) Arnold AFS Airport (TUH) Artesia Municipal Airport (ATS) Asbury Park Neptune Air Terminal Airport (ARX) Asheville Regional Airport (AVL) Ashley Municipal Airport (ASY) Ashtabula Airport (JFN) Aspen Pitkin County Airport (ASE) Astoria Regional Airport (AST) Athens Ben Epps Airport (AHN) Atka Airport (AKB) Atlanta DeKalb Peachtree Airport (PDK) Atlanta Fulton County Airport (FTY) Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport (ATL) Atlanta Nas Airport (NCQ) Atlantic City International Airport (ACY) Atlantic City Monmouth Executive Airport (BLM) Atlantic City Municipal Bader Field Airport (AIY) Atlantic Municipal Airport (AIO) Atmautluak Airport (ATT) Atqasuk Airport (ATK) Attala County Airport (OSX) Auburn Airport (LEW) Auburn Municipal Airport (AUN) Auburn Opelika Robert G. Pitts Airport (AUO) Augusta Regional Airport (AGS) Augusta State Airport (AUG) Austin Airport (ASQ) Austin Bergstrom International Airport (AUS) Austin Executive Airport (EDC) Austin Municipal Airport (AUM) Aux Field Airport (NRC) Avalo Vor/WP Airport (SXC) Avoca Wilkes-Barre/Scranton International Airport (AVP) Avon Park Executive Airport (AVO) Baca Grande Airfield Airport (BCJ) Bagdad Airport (BGT) Baker City Municipal Airport (BKE) Bakersfield Meadows Field Airport (BFL) Baldwin County Airport (MLJ) Baltimore Greenbelt T Airport (GBO) Baltimore Martin State Airport (MTN) Baltimore Washington International Airport (BWI) Bandon State Airport (BDY) Bangor International Airport (BGR) Banning Municipal Airport (BNG) Barin Olf Osn Airport (NHX) Barking Sands Airport (BKH) Barksdale Air Force Base Airport (BAD) Barnes Airport (BNH) Barnwell Regional Airport (BNL) Barrow Airport (BRW) Barstow Daggett Airport (DAG) Barter Island LRRS Airport (BTI) Bartlesville Municipal Airport (BVO) Bartlett Cove Seaplane Base Airport (BQV) Bartletts Airport (BSZ) Bartow Municipal Airport (BOW) Batesville Regional Airport (BVX) Baton Rouge Metropolitan Airport (BTR) Battery Pk City/N. Cov Airport (NBP) Battle Mountain Airport (BAM) Baudette International Airport (BDE) Bay City Municipal Airport (BBC) Baytown Airport (HPY) Beale Air Force Base Airport (BAB) Bear Creek 3 Airport (BCC) Beatrice Municipal Airport (BIE) Beatty Airport (BTY) Beaufort MCAS - Merritt Field Airport (BFT) Beaumont Jack Brooks Regional Airport (BPT) Beaumont Municipal Airport (BMT) Beauregard Parish Airport (DRI) Beaver Airport (WBQ) Beaver County Airport (BFP) Beaver Ruin Airport (JAO) Beckley Raleigh County Memorial Airport (BKW) Bedford Hanscom Field (BED) Beech Factory Airport (BEC) Bell Island Hot Springs Seaplane Base Airport (KBE) Bellingham International Airport (BLI) Bellows AFS (BLW) Beluga Airport (BVU) Bemidji Regional Airport (BJI) Benson Municipal Airport (BBB) Bentonville Northwest Arkansas Regional Airport (XNA) Berkeley Airport (JBK) Berlin Regional Airport (BML) Bethel Airport (BET) Bettles Airport (BTT) Beverly Municipal Airport (BVY) Bicycle Lake Army Air Field Airport (BYS) Big Bear City Arpt Airport (RBF) Big Creek Airport (BIC) Big Mountain Airport (BMX) Big Spring Mc Mahon-Wrinkle Airport (BGS) Biggs Army Air Field (BIF) Billings Logan International Airport (BIL) Billy Mitchell Airport (HNC) Birch Creek Airport (KBC) Birchwood-Pocono Airport (ESP) Birmingham Shuttlesworth International Airport (BHM) Bisbee Douglas International Airport (DUG) Bisbee Municipal Airport (BSQ) Bismarck Municipal Airport (BIS) Black Hills Airport (SPF) Blaine Municipal Airport (BWS) Blairsville Airport (BSI) Blakely Island Airport (BYW) Blanding Airport (BDG) Block Island State Airport (BID) Bloomington Central Illinois Regional Airport (BMI) Bloomington Monroe County Airport (BMG) Blosser Municipal Airport (CNK) Blountville Tri-Cities Regional Airport (TRI) Blue Canyon Nyack Airport (BLU) Blue Fox Bay Airport (BFB) Blythe Airport (BLH) Blytheville AFB Airport (BYH) Bob Baker Memorial Airport (IAN) Bob Sikes Airport (CEW) Boca Raton Airport (BCT) Boire Field Airport (ASH) Boise Airport (BOI) Bolling Air Force Base Airport (BOF) Bomar Field Airport (SYI) Boone Municipal Airport (BNW) Bornite Upper Airport (RLU) Borrego Valley Airport (BXS) Boston City Heliport Airport (JBC) Boston Logan International Airport (BOS) Boswell Bay Airport (BSW) Boulder City Municipal Airport (BLD) Boundary Airport (BYA) Bowerman Airport (HQM) Bowers Field Airport (ELN) Bowling Green Warren County Regional Airport (BWG) Bowman Field Airport (LOU) Bowman Municipal Airport (BWM) Boxborough Airport (BXC) Bozeman Yellowstone International Airport (BZN) Brackett Field Airport (POC) Bradford Regional Airport (BFD) Bradshaw Army Airfield Airport (BSF) Brainerd Lakes Regional Airport (BRD) Branson Airport (BKG) Brawley Municipal Airport (BWC) Brazoria County Airport (LJN) Bremerton National Airport (PWT) Brevig Mission Airport (KTS) Brewster Field Airport (HDE) Brigham City Airport (BMC) Broadus Airport (BDX) Broken Bow Municipal Airport (BBW) Broker Inn Airport (WBI) Brookhaven Airport (WSH) Brookings Airport (BOK) Brookings Regional Airport (BKX) Brooks Lodge Airport (RBH) Brown Field Municipal Airport (SDM) Browns Airport (EPG) Brownsville South Padre Island International Airport (BRO) Brownwood Regional Airport (BWD) Brunswick Golden Isles Airport (NEA) Brunswick Golden Isles Airport (BQK) Brunswick Malcolm McKinnon Airport (SSI) Bryant Army Air Force Airport (FRN) Bryce Canyon Airport (BCE) Buckeye Municipal Airport (BXK) Buckhorn Ranch Airport (CSE) Buckland Airport (BKC) Buckley Air Force Base Airport (BFK) Buffalo Depew Rr Airport (ZFZ) Buffalo Niagara International Airport (BUF) Bullfrog Basin Airport (BFG) Bullhead International Airport (IFP) Burbank Bob Hope Airport (BUR) Burlington Airport (BBF) Burlington County Airport (LLY) Burlington International Airport (BTV) Burlington Southeast Iowa Regional Airport (BRL) Burns Municipal Airport (BNO) Butler County - Kenny Scholter Field Airport (BTP) Butler County Regional- Hogan Field Airport (HAO) Butler Memorial Airport (BUM) Butte Bert Mooney Airport (BTM) Butts AAF (FCS) Buzzards Pt S Airport (BZS) Cabin Creek Airport (CBZ) Cable Airport (CCB) Cable Heliport Airport (JUP) Cairns AAF Airport (OZR) Cairo Regional Airport (CIR) Caledonia County Airport (LLX) Calipatria Airport (CLR) Callaway Gardens Airport (CWG) Calloway Airport (LGC) Calloway County Airport (CEY) Cambridge-Dorchester Airport (CGE) Camp Maybry AHP Airport (MMR) Campbell AAF Airport (HOP) Campo Airport (CZZ) Candle 2 Airport (CDL) Cannon AFB Airport (CVS) Canon City Airport (CNE) Canton Airport (CTK) Cape Cod Coast Guard Airport (FMH) Cape Girardeau Regional Airport (CGI) Cape Lisburne Lrrs Airport (LUR) Cape May County Airport (WWD) Cape Newenham Lrrs Airport (EHM) Cape Pole Airport (CZP) Cape Romanzof Lrrs Airport (CZF) Capital City Airport (HAR) Capital City Airport (FFT) Carbon County Airport (PUC) Carrizo Springs Airport (CZT) Carroll Airport (CIN) Carson City Airport (CSN) Cascade Locks/Stevens Airport (CZK) Casco Cove Coast Guard Station Airport (ATU) Casement Airport (PVZ) Casper Natrona County International Airport (CPR) Catalina SPB Airport (SPQ) Cavern City Air Terminal Airport (CNM) Cecil Field Airport (VQQ) Cedar City Regional Airport (CDC) Cedar Rapids Eastern Iowa Airport (CID) Center Island Airport (CWS) Centerport Heliport Airport (JOC) Central Airport (CEM) Central Jersey Regional Airport (JVI) Central Maine Airport of Norridgewock (OWK) Centralia Airport (CLS) Century City Airport (CCD) Cessna Aircraft Field Airport (CEA) Chadron Municipal Airport (CDR) Chaffee AFB Airport (CCA) Chalkyitsik Airport (CIK) Challis Airport (CHL) Champaign University of Illinois Willard Airport (CMI) Chan Gurney Airport (YKN) Chandalar Lake Airport (WCR) Chandler Field Airport (AXN) Charleston Executive Airport (JZI) Charleston International Airport (CHS) Charleston Yeager Airport (CRW) Charlotte Douglas International Airport (CLT) Charlottesville Albemarle Airport (CHO) Chase Field NAS Airport (NIR) Chatham SPB Airport (CYM) Chattanooga Metropolitan Airport (CHA) Chefornak Airport (CYF) Chena Hot Springs Airport (CEX) Chenega Bay Airport (NCN) Cheraw Airport (HCW) Cherokee Airport (CKK) Cherokee County Airport (JKV) Chess-Lambertin Airport (FKL) Chestercounty Carlson Airport (CTH) Chevak Airport (VAK) Cheyenne Regional Airport (CYS) Chicago Aurora Municipal Airport (AUZ) Chicago DuPage Airport (DPA) Chicago Executive Airport (PWK) Chicago Gary International (GYY) Chicago Meigs Airport (CGX) Chicago Midway International Airport (MDW) Chicago NAS Airport (NOH) Chicago O'Hare International Airport (ORD) Chicago Rockford International Airport (RFD) Chicago Waukegan National Airport (UGN) Chicken Airport (CKX) Chico Municipal Airport (CIC) Chignik Airport (KCQ) Chignik Bay Airport (KBW) Chignik Fisheries Airport (KCG) Chignik Lagoon Airport (KCL) Childress Municipal Airport (CDS) Chiloquin State Airport (CHZ) China Basin Heliport Airport (JCC) Chino Airport (CNO) Chisana Field Airport (CZN) Chisholm Hibbing Airport (HIB) Chistochina Airport (CZO) Chitina Arpt Airport (CXC) Chomley Airport (CIV) Chuathbaluk Airport (CHU) Cincinnati Municipal Lunken Airport (LUK) Cincinnati Northern Kentucky International Airport (CVG) Cincinnati-Blue Ash Airport (ISZ) Cinder River Airport (RCP) Circle City /New/ Airport (IRC) Circle Hot Springs Airport (CHP) City Airport (CKU) City Landing Airport (JBT) City Of Industry H/P Airport (JID) City-county Airport (MDJ) Clark Field Airport (SEP) Clarks Point Airport (CLP) Clarksburg North Central West Virginia Airport (CKB) Clayton Municipal Airpark Airport (CAO) Clear Lake Airport (CKE) Cleveland Burke Lakefront Airport (BKL) Cleveland Cuyahoga County Airport (CGF) Cleveland Hopkins International Airport (CLE) Clinton Airport (CWI) Clinton County Airport (PLB) Clintonville Airport (CLI) Clovis Municipal Airport (CVN) Coast Guard Airport (LRK) Coast Guard Airport (ERO) Coast Guard Heliport Airport (PRT) Coast Guard Heliport Airport (TRP) Coast Guard Heliport Airport (CSP) Cobb County - McCollum Field Airport (RYY) Cody Yellowstone Regional Airport (COD) Coffee Point Airport (CFA) Coffield Airport (RCK) Coffman Cove SPB Airport (KCC) Cold Bay Airport (CDB) Coldfoot Airport (CXF) Coleman Airport (COM) Coles County Memorial Airport (MTO) College Park Airport (CGS) College Station Easterwood Airport (CLL) Colorado Creek Airport (KCR) Colorado Plains Regional Airport (AKO) Colorado Springs Airport (COS) Columbia Airport (COA) Columbia County Airport (HCC) Columbia Gorge Regional/The Dalles Municipal Airport (DLS) Columbia Metropolitan Airport (CAE) Columbia Regional Airport (COU) Columbus Air Force Base Airport (CBM) Columbus Metropolitan Airport (CSG) Columbus Municipal Airport (OLU) Columbus Municipal Airport (CLU) Columbus Ohio State University Airport (OSU) Columbus Rickenbacker International Airport (LCK) Commerce Bus. Plaza Airport (JBP) Commodore Center Airport (JMC) Compton Airport (CPM) Concord Airport (CON) Concord Buchanan Field Airport (CCR) Concord Regional Airport (JQF) Concord Regional Airport (USA) Condron AAF Airport (WSD) Conroe Lone Star Executive Airport (CXO) Convention Center H/P Airport (JCE) Converse County Airport (DGW) Cooperstown - Westville Airport (COP) Copper Centre Airport (CZC) Corbin-london Airport (LOZ) Corcoran Airport (CRO) Cordova Mudhole Smith Airport (CDV) Corner Bay Airport (CBA) Corpus Christi International Airport (CRP) Corsicana Municipal Airport (CRS) Cortez Municipal Airport (CEZ) Cortland Airport (CTX) Corvallis Municipal Airport (CVO) Cottonwood Airport (CTW) Cotulla Airport (COT) Coulter Field Airport (CFD) Council Bluffs Municipal Airport (CBF) County Airport (OBE) County Airport (JAS) County Airport (SIV) Cox Field Airport (PRX) Craig AFB Airport (SEM) Craig Seaplane Base Airport (CGA) Craig-Moffat Airport (CIG) Cram Field Airport (BUB) Crane County Airport (CCG) Crane Island Airport (CKR) Creech AFB Airport (INS) Crescent City Del Norte County Airport (CEC) Crews Field Airport (RTN) Crooked Creek Airport (CKD) Cross City Airport (CTY) Crosson Field Airport (STK) Crystal Airport (MIC) Crystal Lake Airport (CYE) Cube Cove Airport (CUW) Culberson County Airport (VHN) Cummings Park Airport (WBN) Curtis Field Airport (BBD) Cut Bank Airport (CTB) Dade Collier Airport (TNT) Dahl Creek Airport (DCK) Dahlgren Naval Surface Warfare Center Airport (DGN) Dalhart Municipal Airport (DHT) Dallas Addison Airport (ADS) Dallas Fort Worth International Airport (DFW) Dallas Love Field Airport (DAL) Dallas North Airport (DNE) Danbury Municipal Airport (DXR) Danger Bay Airport (DGB) Daniel Field Airport (DNL) Dansville Municipal Airport (DSV) Danville Regional Airport (DAN) Dare County Regional Airport (MEO) Davenport Municipal Airport (DVN) Davis Field Airport (MKO) Davis Monthan AFB Airport (DMA) Davison Army Air Field Airport (DAA) Dawson Community Airport (GDV) Dayton International Airport (DAY) Dayton-Wright Brothers Airport (MGY) Daytona Beach International Airport (DAB) Deadhorse Airport (SCC) Death Valley Airport (DTH) Decatur Airport (DEC) Decatur County Industrial Air Park Airport (BGE) Decatur HI-Way Airfield Airport (DCR) Decatur Shores Airport (DTR) Decorah Municipal Airport (DEH) Deep Bay Airport (WDB) Deer Park Airport (DPK) Deering Airport (DRG) Defiance Memorial Airport (DFI) Del Rio International Airport (DRT) Delaware County Johnson Field Airport (MIE) Delta Junction Airport (DJN) Delta Municipal Airport (DTA) Deming Airport (DMN) Denver Centennial Airport (APA) Denver International Airport (DEN) Denver Rocky Mountain Metropolitan Airport (BJC) Derby Field Airport (LOL) Des Moines International Airport (DSM) Desert Rock Airport (DRA) Destin Fort Walton Beach Airport (DSI) Detroit Coleman A. Young International Airport (DET) Detroit Lakes - Wething Field Airport (DTL) Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport (DTW) Detroit Willow Run Airport (YIP) Devils Lake Regional Airport (DVL) Devils Track Airport (GRM) Dewitt Field,Old Town Municipal Airport (OLD) Dickinson Theodore Roosevelt Regional Airport (DIK) Dillant Hopkins Airport (EEN) Dillingham Airfield Airport (HDH) Dillingham Airport (DLG) Dillon Airport (DLL) Dillon Airport (DLN) Dinwiddie County Airport (PTB) Diomede Heliport Airport (DIO) Dobbins AFB Airport (MGE) Dodge City Regional Airport (DDC) Dodge County Airport (UNU) Dolomi Airport (DLO) Donaldson Center Airport (GDC) Door County Airport (SUE) Dora Bay Airport (DOF) Dothan Regional Airport (DHN) Douglas County Airport (MEV) Douglas Municipal Airport (DGL) Dover AFB Airport (DOV) Downtown Airpark Airport (DWN) Downtown Airport (EBR) Downtown Heliport Airport (JDM) Downtown Heliport Airport (JDT) Downtown Heliport Airport (JDB) Downtown Heliport Airport (DNT) Doylestown Airport (DYL) Dr Haines Airport (HAI) Drake Field Airport (FYV) Draughon Miller Central Texas Regional Airport (TPL) Drift River Airport (DRF) Drummond Airport (DRU) Drummond Island Airport (DRE) Dubois Municipal Airport (DBS) DuBois Regional Airport (DUJ) Dubuque Regional Airport (DBQ) Duke Field Airport (EGI) Duluth International Airport (DLH) Dunkirk Airport (DKK) Durango La Plata County Airport (DRO) Dutchess County Airport (POU) Dyess Air Force Base Airport (DYS) Eagle Airport (EAA) Eagle County Regional Airport (EGE) Eagle Lake Airport (ELA) Eagle River Union Airport (EGV) Eaker Field Airport (DUA) Eareckson Air Station Airport (SYA) Earl Fields Memorial Airport (POF) Earl Henry Airport (BWL) East 34th St Landing Airport (NES) East 34th Street Airport (TSS) East 60th Street H/P Airport (JRE) East Hampton Airport (HTO) Eastern Sierra Regional Airport (BIH) Eastern Wv Regional Airport/Shepherd Field (MRB) Easton Airport (ESN) Eastsound Orcas Island Airport (ESD) Eaton Airport (OIC) Eau Claire Chippewa Valley Regional Airport (EAU) Ed Carlson Memorial Field - South Lewis County Airport (TDO) Edna Bay Airport (EDA) Edward F Knapp State Airport (MPV) Edwards AFB Airport (EDW) Eek Airport (EEK) Egegik Airport (EGX) Eielson Air Force Base Airport (EIL) Eight Fathom Bight Airport (EFB) Ekuk Airport (KKU) Ekwok Airport (KEK) El Dorado Airport (EDK) El Dorado South Arkansas Regional Airport (ELD) El Monte Airport (EMT) El Paso International Airport (ELP) Elfin Cove SPB Airport (ELV) Elim Airport (ELI) Elizabeth City Regional & Coast Guard Air Station Airport (ECG) Elizabeth Field Airport (FID) Elizabethtown Airport (EKX) Elkhart Municipal Airport (EKI) Elkins Airport (EKN) Elko Regional Airport (EKO) Ellamar Airport (ELW) Ellsworth Afb Airport (RCA) Ellyson NAS Airport (NDP) Elmendorf Air Force Base Airport (EDF) Elmira Corning Regional Airport (ELM) Ely Airport (LYU) Embarkadero Airport (EMB) Emmonak Airport (EMK) Emporia Airport (EMP) Enid Woodring Regional Airport (WDG) Ephrata Airport (EPH) Erie International Airport (ERI) Errol Airport (ERR) Escanaba Delta County Airport (ESC) Esler Field Airport (ESF) Espanola Airport (ESO) Essex County Airport (CDW) Eugene Airport (EUG) Eunice Airport (UCE) Eureka Airport (EUE) Eureka Arcata Airport (ACV) Evanston-Uinta County-Burns Field Airport (EVW) Evansville Regional Airport (EVV) Eveleth Airport (EVM) Everett Paine Field (PAE) Everett-Stewart Airport (UCY) Excursion Inlet Seaplane Base Airport (EXI) Executive Airport (CLW) Fairbanks International Airport (FAI) Fairchild AFB Airport (SKA) Fairmont Municipal Airport (FRM) Falcon Field Airport (MSC) Falcon State Airport (FAL) Falls Bay Airport (FLJ) Falls International Airport (INL) False Island Seaplane Base Airport (FAK) False Pass Airport (KFP) Farewell Airport (FWL) Fargo Hector International Airport (FAR) Farmingdale Republic Airport (FRG) Farmington Four Corners Regional Airport (FMN) Farmington Regional Airport (FAM) Fayetteville Regional Airport (FAY) Federal No 1 Airport (KSR) Felker Army Air Field Airport (FAF) Felts Field Airport (SFF) Fergus Falls Municipal Airport (FFM) Fillmore Municipal Airport (FIL) Fin Creek Airport (FNK) Findlay Airport (FDY) Fire Cove Airport (FIC) Firing Center AAF Airport (FCT) First Flight Airport (FFA) Fitchburg Municipal Airport (FIT) Five Finger CG Airport (FIV) Five Mile Airport (FMC) Flagstaff Pulliam Airport (FLG) Flat Airport (FLT) Flaxman Island Airport (FXM) Fletcher Field Airport (CKM) Flint Bishop International Airport (FNT) Florence Regional Airport (FLO) Floyd Bennett Memorial Airport (GFL) Flushing Airport (FLU) Fond Du Lac Airport (FLD) Foothills Regional Airport (MRN) Ford Airport (IMT) Fort Bragg Airport (FOB) Fort Bridger Airport (FBR) Fort Collins Bus Servi Airport (QWF) Fort Collins Loveland Municipal Airport (FNL) Fort Dodge Regional Airport (FOD) Fort Hood AAF Airport (HLR) Fort Jefferson Airport (RBN) Fort Lauderdale Executive Airport (FXE) Fort Lauderdale Hollywood International Airport (FLL) Fort Lee AAF Airport (FLE) Fort Madison Municipal Airport (FMS) Fort Mccoy Airport (CMY) Fort Myers Page Field Airport (FMY) Fort Pierce St. Lucie County International Airport (FPR) Fort Smith Regional Airport (FSM) Fort Sumner Airport (FSU) Fort Wayne International Airport (FWA) Fort Worth Alliance Airport (AFW) Fort Worth Meacham International Airport (FTW) Fort Worth NAS JRB/Carswell Field Airport (FWH) Fort Yukon Airport (FYU) Fortuna Ledge Airport (FTL) Fox Airport (FOX) Francis E Warren Air Force Base Airport (FEW) Frank Wiley Field Airport (MLS) Franklin Airport (LFN) Franklin County Airport (UOS) Frederick Municipal Airport (FDK) Freeman Municipal Airport (SER) French Lick Municipal Airport (FRH) French Valley Airport (RBK) Fresh Water Bay Airport (FRP) Fresno Yosemite International Airport (FAT) Fresno-Chandler Airport (FCH) Friday Harbor Airport (FRD) Friday Harbor Seaplane Base Airport (FBS) Front Range Airport (FTG) Front Royal-Warren County Airport (FRR) Fryeburg Airport (FRY) Ft Devens Moore Army Air Field Airport (AYE) Ft Wolter AAF Airport (CWO) Fullerton Municipal Airport (FUL) Fulton County Airport (RCR) Gabbs Airport (GAB) Gage Airport (GAG) Gainesville Regional Airport (GNV) Gaithersburg Montgomery County Airpark (GAI) Gakona Airport (GAK) Galbraith Lake Airport (GBH) Galena Airport (GAL) Galesburg Municipal Airport (GBG) Galion Municipal Airport (GQQ) Galleria Heliport Airport (JGL) Gallup Municipal Airport (GUP) Gambell Airport (GAM) Ganes Creek Airport (GEK) Garden City Regional Airport (GCK) Garden County Airport (OKS) Garden Harris County Airport (PIM) Garfield County Regional Airport (RIL) Garner Fld Airport (UVA) Gatlinburg Airport (GKT) George Downer Airport (AIV) George R Carr Memorial Air Field Airport (BXA) George T Lewis Airport (CDK) Georgetown County Airport (GGE) Georgetown Delaware Coastal Airport (GED) Gettysburg Airport (GTY) Gilbert Field Airport (GIF) Gillespie Field Airport (CJN) Gillespie Field Airport (SEE) Gillette Campbell County Airport (GCC) Girdwood Airport (AQY) Glacier Creek Airport (KGZ) Gladwin Airport (GDW) Glendale Fokker Field Airport (GWV) Glenn County Airport (WLW) Glennallen Airport (GLQ) Glenwood Springs Airport (GWS) Godman AAF Airport (FTK) Golden Horn Lodge SPB Airport (GDH) Golden Triangle Regional Airport (GTR) Golovin Airport (GLV) Goodfellow AFB Airport (GOF) Gooding Airport (GNG) Goodnews Airport (GNU) Gordon Airport (GRN) Goshen Airport (GSH) Grand Canyon National Park Airport (GCN) Grand Forks Air Force Base Airport (RDR) Grand Forks International Airport (GFK) Grand Island Central Nebraska Regional Airport (GRI) Grand Junction Regional Airport (GJT) Grand Rapids Airport (GPZ) Grand Rapids Gerald R. Ford International Airport (GRR) Grand Strand Airport (CRE) Granite Mountain Airport (GMT) Grant County Airport (PGC) Grants-Milan Municipal Airport (GNT) Gray AAF Airport (GRF) Grayling Airport (KGX) Great Bend Municipal Airport (GBD) Great Falls International Airport (GTF) Greater Binghamton Airport (BGM) Greater Cumberland Regional Airport (CBE) Greater Kankakee Airport (IKK) Greater Portsmouth Regional Airport (PMH) Green Airport (OTN) Green Bay Austin Straubel International Airport (GRB) Green River Municipal Airport (RVR) Greenbrier Airport (SSU) Greene County Airport (WAY) Greensboro Piedmont Triad International Airport (GSO) Greenville Downtown Airport (GMU) Greenville Mid Delta Regional Airport (GLH) Greenville Pitt Airport (PGV) Greenville-Spartanburg International Airport (GSP) Greenwood Airport (GRD) Greenwood Municipal Airport (HFY) Grider Field Airport (PBF) Griffing Sandusky Regional Airport (SKY) Grissom Afb Airport (GUS) Griswold Airport (MPE) Grumman Bethpage Airport (BPA) Gulf Shores Jack Edwards Airport (GUF) Gulfport Biloxi International Airport (GPT) Gulkana Airport (GKN) Gunnison Crested Butte Regional Airport (GUC) Gunter AFB Airport (GUN) Gustavus Airport (GST) Guthrie Airport (GOK) Guymon Airport (GUY) Hacienda Bus.Park H/P Airport (JBS) Hagerstown Regional Airport (HGR) Hailey Friedman Memorial Airport (SUN) Haines Airport (HNS) Hale County Airport (PVW) Haley AAF Airport (FSN) Half Moon Airport (HAF) Halifax County Airport (RZZ) Halliburton Field Airport (DUC) Hamilton Field (SRF) Hana Airport (HNM) Hanchey Army (HEY) Hancock County Bar Harbor Airport (BHB) Hancock Houghton County Memorial Airport (CMX) Hardy-Anders Airport (HEZ) Harlingen Valley International Airport (HRL) Harrell Field Airport (CDH) Harriet Field Airport (LWL) Harrisburg International Airport (MDT) Harrison Boone County Airport (HRO) Harrison County Airport (ASL) Harry Clever Field Airport (PHD) Harry Stern Airport (WAH) Hartford Brainard Airport (HFD) Hartness State (VSF) Hastings Airport (HSI) Hatbox Field Airport (HAX) Hattiesburg Laurel Regional Airport (PIB) Havasupai Airport (HAE) Havre City County Airport (HVR) Hawkins Field Airport (HKS) Hawthorne Airport (HTH) Hawthorne Municipal Airport (HHR) Haycock Airport (HAY) Hayden Yampa Valley Airport (HDN) Hays Regional Airport (HYS) Hayward Executive Airport (HWD) Hazleton Airport (HZL) Healy Lake Airport (HKB) Helena Regional Airport (HLN) Heliport Airport (JDY) Heliport Airport (JRD) Heliport Airport (JPD) Heliport Airport (JEM) Heliport Airport (JGC) Heliport Airport (JNP) Heliport Airport (JGX) Heliport Airport (ORQ) Heliport Airport (JLB) Henry County Airport (PHT) Henry Post AAF/Ford Sill Airport (FSI) Henry Tift Myers Airport (TMA) Herendeen Bay Airport (HED) Heritage Field Airport (PTW) Hesler-Noble Field Airport (LUL) Hickam AFB Airport (HIK) Hickory Regional Airport (HKY) Hidden Falls Airport (HDA) Hill Afb Airport (HIF) Hill City Airport (HLC) Hillenbrand Airport (HLB) Hilo International Airport (ITO) Hilton Head Island Airport (HHH) Hiltons Har H Airport (WHH) Hinkles Ferry Airport (BZT) Hobart Airport (HBR) Hobart Bay Airport (HBH) Hobbs Lea County Regional Airport (HOB) Hogatza Airport (HGZ) Holikachu Airport (HOL) Hollister Municipal Airport (HLI) Holloman AFB Airport (HMN) Holy Cross Airport (HCR) Homer Airport (HOM) Homestead AFB Airport (HST) Honolulu International Airport (HNL) Hook Field Airport (MWO) Hoonah Airport (HNH) Hooper Bay Airport (HPB) Hot Springs Airport (THP) Hot Springs Memorial Field Airport (HOT) Houma Terrebonne Airport (HUM) Houston David Wayne Hooks Memorial Airport (DWH) Houston Ellington Airport (EFD) Houston George Bush Intercontinental Airport (IAH) Houston William P. Hobby Airport (HOU) Howard County Airport (HCA) Hughes Airport (CVR) Hugo Airport (HUJ) Humboldt Airport (HUD) Hunt Field Airport (LND) Hunter AAF Airport (HGT) Hunter AAF Airport (SVN) Huntington Tri State Airport (HTS) Huntsville International Airport (HSV) Huron Regional Airport (HON) Huslia Airport (HSL) Hutchinson Airport (HUT) Hutchinson County Airport (BGD) Hyannis Barnstable Municipal Airport (HYA) Hyatt Regency H/P Airport (JHY) Hyatt Regency H/P Airport (DEO) Hydaburg Seaplane Base Airport (HYG) Hyder Seaplane Base Airport (WHD) Icy Bay Airport (ICY) Idaho Falls Regional Airport (IDA) Igiugig Airport (IGG) Iliamna Airport (ILI) Illinois Valley Airport (VYS) Immokalee Airport (IMM) Imperial Airport (IML) Imperial County Airport (IPL) Independence Airport (IDP) Indian Mountain Lrrs Airport (UTO) Indianapolis Executive Airport (TYQ) Indianapolis International Airport (IND) Industrial Airpark Airport (HBB) Industrial Airport (TIW) Ingalls Field Airport (HSP) Intermediate Airport (MOS) Intermediate Airport (MHM) Intermediate Airport (HVE) Intermediate Airport (PMB) Intermediate Airport (SKW) International Airport (HUL) International Airport (CXL) Intl Heliport Airport (JIO) Inyokern Airport (IYK) Iosco County Airport (ECA) Iowa City Municipal Airport (IOW) Iowa Falls Airport (IFA) Ironwood Gogebic Iron County Airport (IWD) Island Heliport Airport (JHC) Islip Long Island MacArthur Airport (ISP) Ithaca Tompkins Regional Airport (ITH) Ivishak Airport (IVH) J t Robidoux Airport (VLE) Jackpot Airport (KPT) Jackson Airport (MJQ) Jackson Evers International Airport (JAN) Jackson Hole Airport (JAC) Jackson McKellar Sipes Regional Airport (MKL) Jacksonville Albert J. Ellis Airport (OAJ) Jacksonville Executive at Craig Airport (CRG) Jacksonville International Airport (JAX) Jacksonville NAS Airport (NIP) Jaffrey Silver Ranch Airport (AFN) Jamestown Chautauqua County Airport (JHW) Jamestown Regional Airport (JMS) Jefferson Proving Grd Airport (MDN) Jerry Tyler Memorial Airport (NLE) Jim Hamilton L.B. Owens Airport (CUB) John Day Airport (JDA) John F Kennedy Memorial Airport (ASX) John H. Batten Field Airport (RAC) John Murtha Johnstown Cambria County Airport (JST) Johnson Airport (JCY) Johnson County Executive Airport (OJC) Jonesboro Municipal Airport (JBR) Joplin Regional Airport (JLN) Jordan Airport (JDN) Juneau International Airport (JNU) Kahului Airport (OGG) Kake Seaplane Base Airport (KAE) Kalaeloa John Rodgers Field Airport (NAX) Kalakaket Creek AS Airport (KKK) Kalamazoo Battle Creek International Airport (AZO) Kalaupapa Airport (LUP) Kalispell Glacier Park International Airport (FCA) Kalskag Airport (KLG) Kaltag Airport (KAL) Kanab Airport (KNB) Kansas City International Airport (MCI) Kansas City International Airport (MKC) Karluk Airport (KYK) Karluk Lake SPB Airport (KKL) Kasaan Seaplane Base Airport (KXA) Kasigluk Airport (KUK) Kaunakakai Molokai Airport (MKK) Kayenta Airport (MVM) Kearney Regional Airport (EAR) Keesler Air Force Base Airport (BIX) Kegelman Af Airport (CKA) Kelly AFB Airport (SKF) Kelly Bar Airport (KEU) Kelp Bay Airport (KLP) Kemerer Airport (EMM) Kenai Municipal Airport (ENA) Kenmore Air Harbor Airport (KEH) Kenmore Air Harbor SPB Airport (LKE) Kenosha Regional Airport (ENW) Kentland Airport (KKT) Keokuk Airport (EOK) Kern County Airport (TSP) Kerrville Airport (ERV) Ketchikan Harbor Seaplane Base Airport (WFB) Ketchikan International Airport (KTN) Key West International Airport (EYW) Kickapoo Downtown Airport (KIP) Killeen Fort Hood Regional Airport (GRK) Kimble County Airport (JCT) Kincheloe AFB Airport (INR) King Cove Airport (KVC) King Salmon Airport (AKN) Kingman Airport (IGM) Kinston Regional Jetport (ISO) Kipnuk SPB Airport (KPN) Kirksville Municipal Airport (IRK) Kirsch Municipal Airport (IRS) Kissimmee Gateway Airport (ISM) Kivalina Airport (KVL) Kizhuyak Airport (KZH) Klag Bay Airport (KBK) Klamath Falls Airport (LMT) Klawock Airport (KLW) Klawock Airport (AKW) Knoxville McGhee Tyson Airport (TYS) Kobuk Airport (OBU) Kodiak Airport (ADQ) Kodiak Fss Airport (WDY) Kodiak Municipal Airport (KDK) Kokhanok Airport (KNK) Kokomo Airport (OKK) Kona International Airport (KOA) Kongiganak Airport (KKH) Kotlik Airport (KOT) Kotzebue Ralph Wien Memorial Airport (OTZ) Koyuk Alfred Adams Airport (KKA) Koyukuk Airport (KYU) Kulik Lake Airport (LKK) Kwethluk Airport (KWT) Kwigillingok Seaplane Base Airport (KWK) L O Simenstad Municipal Airport (OEO) La Crosse Regional Airport (LSE) La Grande Airport (LGD) Labouchere Bay Airport (WLB) Laconia Municipal Airport (LCI) Ladd AAF Airfield Airport (FBK) Lafayette Purdue University Airport (LAF) Lafayette Regional Airport (LFT) Laguna AAF Airport (LGF) Lahaina Kapalua Airport (JHM) Lahm Municipal Airport (MFD) Lake Brooks SPB Airport (BKF) Lake Buena Vista STOLport Airport (DWS) Lake Charles Regional Airport (LCH) Lake City Gateway Airport (LCQ) Lake County Airport (LKV) Lake Minchumina Airport (LMA) Lake Placid Airport (LKP) Lake Tahoe Airport (TVL) Lakehurst NAES /Maxfield Field Airport (NEL) Lakeland Linder Regional Airport (LAL) Lakeland-Noble F. Lee Memorial field Airport (ARV) Lakeside Airport (LKS) Lakeside USAF Airport (LKI) Lamar Field Airport (LAA) Lanai Airport (LNY) Lancaster Airport (LNS) Landing Strip Airport (EVA) Langley AFB Airport (LFI) Lansing Capital Region International Airport (LAN) Laramie Regional Airport (LAR) Laredo International Airport (LRD) Larsen SPB Airport (KLN) Las Cruces International Airport (LRU) Las Vegas Henderson Executive Airport (HSH) Las Vegas McCarran International Airport (LAS) Las Vegas Municipal Airport (LVS) Lathrop Wells Airport (LTH) Latrobe Arnold Palmer Regional Airport (LBE) Laughlin AFB Airport (DLF) Lawrence County Airpark Airport (HTW) Lawrence J Timmerman Airport (MWC) Lawrence Municipal Airport (LWC) Lawrence Municipal Airport (LWM) Lawrenceville Airport (LVL) Lawrenceville Gwinnett County Airport (LZU) Lawson Aaf Airport (LSF) Lawton Fort Sill Regional Airport (LAW) Leadville Airport (LXV) Lebanon Municipal Airport (LEB) Leckrone Airport (SLO) Lee Airport (ANP) Lee C Fine Memorial Airport (AIZ) Lee Gilmer Memorial Airport (GVL) Leesburg Airport (LEE) Leflore Airport (GWO) Lemmon Airport (LEM) Lemoore NAS (NLC) Lenawee County Airport (ADG) Levelock Airport (KLL) Lewisburg Greenbrier Valley Airport (LWB) Lewiston Nez Perce County Airport (LWS) Lewistown Municipal Airport (LWT) Lexington Airport (LXN) Lexington Blue Grass Airport (LEX) Liberal Mid-America Regional Airport (LBL) Lihue Airport (LIH) Lima Allen County Airport (AOH) Lime Village Airport (LVD) Lincoln Airport (LNK) Lincoln Regional Airport (LHM) Linden Airport (LDJ) Little Naukati Airport (WLN) Little Port Walter Airport (LPW) Little Rock Afb Airport (LRF) Little Rock Clinton National Airport (LIT) Livengood Airport (LIV) Livermore Municipal Airport (LVK) Logan Cache Airport (LGU) Lompoc Airport (LPC) Lonely Air Station Airport (LNI) Lonesome Pine Airport (LNP) Long Beach Airport (LGB) Long Island Airport (LIJ) Longview Airport (LOG) Longview East Texas Regional Airport (GGG) Lopez Island Airport (LPS) Lordsburg Airport (LSB) Loring AFB Airport (LIZ) Loring Seaplane Base Airport (WLR) Los Alamos Airport (LAM) Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) Los Banos Airport (LSN) Lost Harbor Sea Port Airport (LHB) Lost River Airport (LSR) Louisville International Airport (SDF) Louisville Winston County Airport (LMS) Lowe AHP (LOR) Lowndes County Airport (UBS) Lubbock Preston Smith International Airport (LBB) Lufkin Angelina County Airport (LFK) Luke AFB Airport (LUF) Lumberton Airport (LBT) Lynchburg Regional Airport (LYH) Lyons-Rice County Municipal Airport (LYO) M. Graham Clark - Taney County Airport (PLK) Mac Dill AFB Airport (MCF) Machesney Airport (RMC) Mackall AAF Airport (HFF) Mackinac Island Airport (MCD) Macon Downtown Airport (MAC) Macon Middle Georgia Regional Airport (MCN) Madera Airport (MAE) Madison Airport (XMD) Madison Dane County Regional Airport (MSN) Magnolia Municipal Airport (AGO) Majors Airport (GVT) Malad City Airport (MLD) Malden Airport (MAW) Malmstrom AFB Airport (GFA) Malta Airport (MLK) Mammoth Yosemite Airport (MMH) Manassas Regional Airport (MNZ) Manchester Boston Regional Airport (MHT) Manhattan Regional Airport (MHK) Manistee County Blacker Airport (MBL) Mankato Regional Airport (MKT) Manley Hot Springs Airport (MLY) Manokotak Airport (KMO) Manti-Ephraim Airport (NTJ) Marana Pinal Airport (MZJ) Marathon Florida Keys Airport (MTH) Marble Canyon Airport (MYH) March ARB Airport (RIV) Marco Island Airport (MRK) Marfa Municipal Airport (MRF) Marguerite Bay Airport (RTE) Marina Municipal Airport (OAR) Marion County Airport (HAB) Marion County Brown Field Airport (APT) Marion County Regional Airport (FLP) Marion Municipal Airport (MZZ) Marion Williamson County Regional Airport (MWA) Market Centre H/P Airport (JMD) Marlboro County Jetport H.E. Avent Field Airport (BTN) Marlborough Airport (MXG) Marquette Sawyer International Airport (MQT) Marriott Heliport Airport (JMH) Marshall Airport (MLL) Marshall Army Air Field Airport (FRI) Martha's Vineyard Airport (MVY) Martin Johnson Airport (CNU) Martindale Army Heliport Airport (MDA) Mason City Municipal Airport (MCW) Mason County Airport (LDM) Massena International Airport (MSS) Maury County Airport (MRC) Maverick Co Airport (EGP) Max Westheimer Airport (OUN) Maxton Airport (MXE) Maxwell AFB Airport (MXF) May Creek Airport (MYK) Mc Alester Regional Airport (MLC) Mc Connell Air Force Base Airport (IAB) Mc Entire ANG Base Airport (MMT) Mc Guire Air Force Base Airport (WRI) McAllen Miller International Airport (MFE) Mccall Airport (MYL) Mccarthy Airport (MXY) McChord AFB Airport (TCM) McCook Ben Nelson Regional Airport (MCK) McGrath Airport (MCG) Mckenna AAF Airport (MKF) McMinn County Airport (MMI) McNary Field Airport (SLE) Mcpherson Airport (MPR) Meadville Airport (MEJ) Medford Airport (MDF) Medford Rogue Valley International Airport (MFR) Medfra Airport (MDR) Mefford Field Airport (TLR) Mekoryuk Airport (MYU) Melbourne International Airport (MLB) Melsing Creek Airport (CIL) Memorial Airport (JEF) Memorial Airport (SIK) Memorial Airport (TRX) Memorial Airport (CSV) Memphis International Airport (MEM) Menominee Airport (MNM) Merced Municipal Airport (MCE) Mercer County Airport (BLF) Meridian Regional Airport (MEI) Merrill Field Airport (MRI) Merritt Island Airport (COI) Mesa Del Rey Airport (KIC) Mesquite Airport (MFH) Metro Field Airport (MTX) Metropolitan Airport (PMX) Metropolitan Area Airport (CHI) Metroport Airport (CLC) Mettle Field Airport (CEV) Meyers Chuck Seaplane Base Airport (WMK) Miami Airport (MIO) Miami Executive Airport (TMB) Miami International Airport (MIA) Miami Opa Locka Executive Airport (OPF) Miami University Airport (OXD) Michael AAF (DPG) Michigan City Municipal-Phillips Field Airport (MGC) Mid-State Airport (PSB) Midland International Airport (MAF) Mifflin County Airport (RED) Miley Memorial Field Airport (BPI) Milford Airport (MLF) Millard Airport (MIQ) Miller Field Airport (VTN) Millington Regional Jetport Airport (NQA) Millinocket Airport (MLT) Millville Airport (MIV) Milwaukee General Mitchell Airport (ZML) Milwaukee General Mitchell International Airport (MKE) Mineral Wells Arpt Airport (MWL) Minneapolis Flying Cloud Airport (FCM) Minneapolis Saint Paul International Airport (MSP) Minot AFB Airport (MIB) Minot International Airport (MOT) Minto Airport (MNT) Minute Man Airfield Airport (MMN) Miramar MCAS Airport (NKX) Mission Field Airport (LVM) Missoula International Airport (MSO) Moab Canyonlands Field (CNY) Moberly Airport (MBY) Mobile Downtown Airport (BFM) Mobile Regional Airport (MOB) Mobridge Airport (MBG) Modesto City County Airport (MOD) Mojave Air and Space Port (MHV) Moline Quad City International Airport (MLI) Mondell Airport (ECS) Monroe - Walton County Airport (MVC) Monroe Regional Airport (MLU) Montague-Yreka Rohrer Field Airport (RKC) Montauk Airport (MTP) Monterey Regional Airport (MRY) Montevideo-Chippewa Airport (MVE) Montgomery Regional Airport (MGM) Monticello Municipal Airport (MXO) Montrose Regional Airport (MTJ) Montvale Airport (QMV) Monument Valley Airport (GMV) Moody Air Force Base Airport (VAD) Moore County Airport (SOP) Moore-Murrell Airport (MOR) Morenci Airport (CFT) Morgantown Municipal Airport (MGW) Morristown Municipal Airport (MMU) Morrisville Stowe State Airport (MVL) Moser Bay Airport (KMY) Moses Lake Grant County International Airport (MWH) Moultrie Municipal Airport (MGR) Mount Pleasant Airport (MPS) Mount Pleasant Municipal Airport (MOP) Mount Union Airport (MUU) Mount Washington Regional Airport (HIE) Mount Wilson Airport (MWS) Mountain Home AFB Airport (MUO) Mountain View Moffett Federal Airfield (NUQ) Mountain Village Airport (MOU) Mt Mckinley Airport (MCL) Mt Pleasant Airport (MSD) Mt Pocono Airport (MPO) Mt Vernon-Outland Airport (MVN) Muir AAF Airport (MUI) Mullen Airport (MHN) Municipal Airport (OCE) Municipal Airport (MQB) Municipal Airport (CLK) Municipal Airport (CFV) Municipal Airport (CKN) Municipal Airport (SNL) Municipal Airport (KNT) Municipal Airport (CNH) Municipal Airport (ELK) Municipal Airport (HBO) Municipal Airport (LPO) Municipal Airport (WGO) Municipal Airport (HPT) Municipal Airport (CHK) Municipal Airport (FCY) Municipal Airport (HII) Municipal Airport (RBG) Municipal Airport (GDM) Municipal Airport (WBU) Municipal Airport (JOT) Municipal Airport (ONL) Municipal Airport (ETN) Municipal Airport (FSK) Municipal Airport (IRB) Municipal Airport (LIC) Municipal Airport (IJX) Municipal Airport (DNN) Municipal Airport (ENL) Municipal Airport (HYR) Municipal Airport (LRJ) Municipal Airport (PGR) Municipal Airport (LWV) Municipal Airport (HUS) Municipal Airport (ICL) Municipal Airport (TOR) Municipal Airport (PTS) Municipal Airport (HNB) Municipal Airport (GLW) Municipal Airport (TNU) Municipal Airport (TVI) Municipal Airport (MIW) Municipal Airport (GLE) Municipal Airport (HKA) Municipal Airport (PCD) Municipal Airport (GTG) Municipal Airport (MHE) Municipal Airport (FBY) Municipal Airport (FKN) Municipal Airport (FBL) Municipal Airport (SPW) Municipal Airport (MXA) Municipal Airport (CUS) Municipal Airport (ONH) Municipal Airport (FET) Municipal Airport (UKN) Municipal Airport (EST) Municipal Airport (CGZ) Municipal Airport (RRL) Municipal Airport (CUH) Municipal Airport (HVS) Municipal Airport (CRT) Municipal Airport (MOX) Municipal Airport (SVH) Municipal Airport (MPZ) Municipal Airport (RBW) Municipal Airport (TTO) Municipal Airport (GCY) Municipal Airport (MFI) Municipal Airport (BYG) Municipal Airport (BRG) Municipal Airport (OGB) Municipal Airport (GRE) Municipal Airport (RNH) Municipal Airport (FLX) Municipal Airport (GHM) Municipal Airport (SUM) Municipal Airport (OCN) Municipal Airport (ILE) Municipal Airport (ONA) Municipal Airport (IDG) Municipal Airport (CSQ) Municipal Airport (ETS) Municipal Airport (POH) Municipal Airport (SLB) Municipal Airport (DNS) Municipal Airport (OOA) Municipal Airport (FXY) Municipal Airport (XES) Municipal Airport (FYM) Municipal Airport (MNN) Municipal Airport (FFL) Municipal Airport (OMK) Municipal Airport (EFW) Municipal Airport (FDR) Municipal Airport (PRO) Municipal Airport (GVE) Municipal Airport (OLE) Municipal Heliport Airport (JRC) Municipal Heliport Airport (JSK) Municipal Heliport Airport (JMN) Municipal-Ryan Field Airport (MML) Murray Field Airport (EKA) Muscatine Municipal Airport (MUT) Muscle Shoals Northwest Alabama Regional Airport (MSL) Muskegon County Airport (MKG) Mustin Alf Airport (MUV) Myrtle Beach International Airport (MYR) NAF El Centro Airport (NJK) Naknek Airport (NNK) Nakolik River Airport (NOL) Nantucket Memorial Airport (ACK) Nanwalek Airport (KEB) Napa County Airport (APC) Napakiak Airport (WNA) Napaskiak Airport (PKA) Naples Municipal Airport (APF) Nartron Field Airport (RCT) NAS Airport (NFL) NAS Airport (NRS) NAS Airport (NHZ) Nas Chambers Airport (NGU) Nas Glenview (NBU) NAS Key West/Boca Chica Field (NQX) NAS Kingsville Airport (NQI) NAS Oceana Airport (NTU) NAS Pensacola Airport (NPA) NAS/Alvin Callendar Airport (NBG) Nashville International Airport (BNA) Naukati Bay SPB Airport (WNC) Naukiti Airport (NKI) ndiana County Airport (IDI) Needles Airport (EED) Neil Armstrong Airport (AXV) Nellis AFB Airport (LSV) Nelson Lagoon Airport (NLG) Nenana Municipal Airport (ENN) Neosho Airport (EOS) Nephi Airport (NPH) Nevada Municipal Airport (NVD) New Bedford Regional Airport (EWB) New Bern Coastal Carolina Regional Airport (EWN) New Carrolton RR Airport (ZRZ) New Century Aircenter Airport (JCI) New Coalinga Municipal Airport (CLG) New Haven Tweed Airport (HVN) New Iberia Acadiana Regional Airport (ARA) New Koliganek Airport (KGK) New London Groton Airport (GON) New Orleans Lakefront Airport (NEW) New Orleans Louis Armstrong International Airport (MSY) New River Valley Airport (PSK) New Stuyahok Airport (KNW) New Ulm Airport (ULM) New York Downtown Manhattan Heliport (JRB) New York John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK) New York LaGuardia Airport (LGA) New York Newark Liberty International Airport (EWR) New York Skyports Airport (QNY) Newburgh Stewart International Airport (SWF) Newport Airport (ONP) Newport News Williamsburg International Airport (PHF) Newport State Airport (EFK) Newtok Seaplane Base Airport (WWT) Newton City-County Airport (EWK) Niagara Falls International Airport (IAG) Niblack Airport (NIE) Nichen Cove Airport (NKV) Nightmute Airport (NME) Nikolai Airport (NIB) Nikolski Air Station Airport (IKO) Ninilchik Airport (NIN) Noatak Airport (WTK) Nogales International Airport (OLS) Nome Airport (OME) Nondalton Airport (NNL) Norfolk International Airport (ORF) North Bend Southwest Oregon Regional Airport (OTH) North Central State Airport (SFZ) North Fork Valley Airport (WPO) North Island Nas Airport (NZY) North Las Vegas Airport (VGT) North Park Inn H/P Airport (JNH) North Perry Airport (HWO) North Platte Regional Airport (LBF) North Rim Airport (NGC) North Shore Airport (UMB) North Texas Regional (PNX) North Whale Seaplane Base Airport (WWP) Northeast Alabama Regional Airport (GAD) Northeast Iowa Regional Airport (CCY) Northeastern Regional Airport (EDE) Northern Aroostook Regional Airport (WFK) Northstar Heliport Airport (PUO) Northway Airport (ORT) Norton Afb Airport (SBD) Norwood Memorial Airport (OWD) Novato Airport (NOT) Ns Airport (NRB) Nuiqsut Airport (NUI) Nulato Airport (NUL) Nunapitchuk Airport (NUP) Nyac Airport (ZNC) Oak Harbor Airport (ODW) Oakland County International Airport (PTK) Oakland International Airport (OAK) Oakland/Coliseum Stat Airport (OBT) Ocala International Airport (OCF) Ocean Reef Airport (OCA) Oceanic Airport (OCI) Oconee County Airport (CEU) Ogden Hinckley Airport (OGD) Ogdensburg International Airport (OGS) Ohio University Snyder Field Airport (ATO) Oklahoma City Wiley Post Airport (PWA) Oklahoma City Will Rogers World Airport (OKC) Okmulgee Airport (OKM) Old Harbor SPB Airport (OLH) Olf Usn Airport (NEN) Olga Bay SPB Airport (KOY) Olive Branch Arpt Airport (OLV) Olney Airport (ONY) Olney-Noble Airport (OLY) Olympia Regional Airport (OLM) Omaha Eppley Airfield (OMA) Oneal Airport (OEA) Oneida County Airport (UCA) Onion Bay Airport (ONN) Ontario International Airport (ONT) Ontario Municipal Airport (ONO) Orange County Airport (MGJ) Orange County John Wayne Airport (SNA) Orlando Executive Airport (ORL) Orlando International Airport (MCO) Orlando Sanford International Airport (SFB) Oroville Airport (OVE) Oscoda Wurtsmith Airport (OSC) Oshkosh Wittman Regional Airport (OSH) Otsego County Airport (GLR) Ottumwa Regional Airport (OTM) Outlaw Field Airport (CKV) Ouzinkie SPB Airport (KOZ) Owatonna Airport (OWA) Owensboro Daviess County Regional Airport (OWB) Oxford University Airport (UOX) Oxford Waterbury Airport (OXC) Oxnard Airport (OXR) Ozark Regional Airport (WMH) Ozona Municipal Airport (OZA) Pacific City State Airport (PFC) Pack Creek Airport (PBK) Paducah Barkley Regional Airport (PAH) Paf Warren Airport (PFA) Page Municipal Airport (PGA) Painter Creek Airport (PCE) Palacios Airport (PSX) Palestine Municipal Airport (PSN) Palm Beach Co. Glades Airport (PHK) Palm Beach County Park Airport (LNA) Palm Springs Bermuda Dunes Airport (UDD) Palm Springs International Airport (PSP) Palmdale Regional Airport (PMD) Palmer Municipal Airport (PAQ) Palo Alto Airport (PAO) Panama City International Airport (ECP) Panama City-Bay Co International Airport (PFN) Panguitch Airport (PNU) Park Falls Airport (PKF) Park Rapids Airport (PKD) Park Township Airport (HLM) Parker County Airport (WEA) Parkersburg Mid-Ohio Valley Regional Airport (PKB) Parks SPB Airport (KPK) Parlin Field Airport (NWH) Pasco Tri-Cities Airport (PSC) Paso Robles Airport (PRB) Patrick AFB Airport (COF) Patterson Afb Airport (FFO) Patuxent River NAS Airport (NHK) Pauloff Harbor SPB Airport (KPH) Pauls Valley Municipal Airport (PVJ) Payson Airport (PJB) Peach Springs Airport (PGS) Pearl River County Airport (PCU) Pebbly Beach Seaplane Base Airport (AVX) Peconic River Airport (CTO) Pecos City Airport (PEQ) Pecos County Airport (FST) Pedro Bay Airport (PDB) Pelican SPB Airport (PEC) Pellston Regional Airport (PLN) Pendleton Eastern Oregon Regional Airport (PDT) Penn Valley Airport (SEG) Pensacola International Airport (PNS) Pentagon Army Airport (JPN) Peoria International Airport (PIA) Perimeter Mall Airport (JAJ) Perry Foley Airport (FPY) Perry Island Seaplane Base Airport (PYL) Perry Lefors Field Airport (PPA) Perry Stokes Airport (TAD) Perryville SPB Airport (KPV) Petersburg James A. Johnson Airport (PSG) Petit Jean Park Airport (MPJ) Phifer Field Airport (EAN) Philadelphia International Airport (PHL) Philadelphia Northeast Airport (PNE) Philip Airport (PHP) Philip Billard Airport (TOP) Phillips Army Air Field Airport (APG) Phillips Field Airport (PII) Phoenix Deer Valley Airport (DVT) Phoenix Goodyear Airport (GYR) Phoenix Mesa Gateway Airport (AZA) Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport (PHX) Pickens Airport (LQK) Pierre Regional Airport (PIR) Pike County Airport (MCB) Pilot Point Airport (PIP) Pine Island Airport (DUF) Pine Ridge Airport (XPR) Pittsburgh Allegheny County Airport (AGC) Pittsburgh International Airport (PIT) Pittsfield Airport (PSF) Placerville Airport (PVF) Platinum Airport (PTU) Plattsburgh International Airport (PBG) Pleasant Harbour Airport (PTR) Plymouth Airport (PLY) Plymouth Municipal Airport (PYM) Pocatello Regional Airport (PIH) Point Baker SPB Airport (KPB) Point Barrow Airport (PBA) Point Hope Airport (PHO) Point Lay LRRS Airport (PIZ) Point Mugu NAS (NTD) Polacca Airport (PXL) Polk AAF Airport (POE) Polk Inlet Airport (POQ) Pompano Beach Airport (PPM) Ponca City Regional Airport (PNC) Pope AFB Airport (POB) Pope Field Airport (GFD) Pope Vanoy Airport (PVY) Porcupine Creek Airport (PCK) Port Alexander Seaplane Base Airport (PTD) Port Alice Airport (PTC) Port Allen Airport (PAK) Port Alsworth Airport (PTA) Port Angeles Fairchild International Airport (CLM) Port Armstrong Airport (PTL) Port Bailey Seaplane Base Airport (KPY) Port Clarence Coast Guard Station Airport (KPC) Port Columbus International Airport (CMH) Port Frederick Airport (PFD) Port Graham Airport (PGM) Port Heiden Airport (PTH) Port Johnson Airport (PRF) Port Largo Airport (KYL) Port Lions SPB Airport (ORI) Port Moller Airport (PML) Port Oceanic Airport (PRL) Port Protection Airport (PPV) Port San Juan Airport (PJS) Port Townsend Airport (TWD) Port Walter Seaplane Base Airport (PWR) Port Williams Seaplane Base Airport (KPR) Portage Creek Airport (PCA) Porter County Airport (VPZ) Porterville Municipal Airport (PTV) Portland Hillsboro Airport (HIO) Portland International Airport (PDX) Portland International Jetport (PWM) Portsmouth International Airport (PSM) Poulsbo Airport (PUL) Powell Airport (POY) Pratt Airport (PTT) Prentice Airport (PRW) Prescott Municipal Airport (PRC) Presque Isle Northern Maine Airport (PQI) Princeton Airport (PCT) Princeton Airport (PNN) Princeville Airport (HPV) Prineville Airport (PRZ) Prospect Creek Airport (PPC) Providence Theodore Francis Green Airport (PVD) Provincetown Municipal Airport (PVC) Provo Municipal Airport (PVU) Pryor Field Regional Airport (DCU) Pueblo Memorial Airport (PUB) Pulaski County Airport (SME) Pullman Moscow Regional Airport (PUW) Punta Gorda Airport (PGD) Quantico NAS Airport (NYG) Quartz Creek Airport (JLA) Quartz Hill Airport (RZH) Queen Airport (UQE) Quillayute State Airport (UIL) Quincy Municipal Airport (UIN) Quincy Regional Airport (MQI) Quinhagak Airport (KWN) Raleigh Airport (HSB) Raleigh-Durham International Airport (RDU) Ralph Calhoun Airport (TAL) Rampart Airport (RMP) Randolph AFB Airport (RND) Rangely Airport (RNG) Ranger Municipal Airport (RGR) Rapid City Regional Airport (RAP) Raspberry Strait Airport (RSP) Rawlins Airport (RWL) Reading Regional Airport (RDG) Reagan County Airport (BGQ) Red Bluff Fss Airport (RBL) Red Devil Airport (RDV) Red Dog Airport (RDB) Redbird Airport (RBD) Redding Municipal Airport (RDD) Redmond Municipal Airport (RDM) Redwood Falls Muni Airport (RWF) Reese AFB Airport (REE) Rehoboth Airport (REH) Reid-Hillview Airport (RHV) Renner Field Airport (GLD) Reno Tahoe International Airport (RNO) Rensselaer Airport (RNZ) Renton Municipal Airport (RNT) Rentschler Airport (EHT) Rep Airport (MHS) Reynolds Airport (RIF) Reynolds Municipal Airport (JXN) Rhinelander Oneida County Airport (RHI) Rice Lake Airport (RIE) Richard B Russell Airport (RMG) Richard I Bong Arpt Airport (SUW) Richards-Gebaur Air Force Base Airport (GVW) Richland Airport (RLD) Richmond Airport (RIC) Richmond Municipal Airport (RID) Rinkenberger Restricted Landing Area Airport (BDF) Riverside Fla-Bob Airport (RIR) Riverside Municipal Airport (RAL) Riverton Regional Airport (RIW) Roanoke Regional Airport (ROA) Roben Hood Airport (WBR) Robert (ORV) Robert F Swinnie Airport (ADR) Robert S Kerr Airport (RKR) Roberts Army Airport (SYL) Robins Air Force Base Airport (WRB) Roche Harbor Airport (RCE) Rochester International Airport (RST) Rochester International Airport (ROC) Rock Hill/York Co./Bryant Field Airport (RKH) Rock Springs Sweetwater County Airport (RKS) Rockland Knox County Regional Airport (RKD) Rockwood Municipal Airport (RKW) Rocky Mount Wilson Regional Airport (RWI) Rogers Airport (ROG) Rolla Downtown Airport (RLA) Rolla National Airport (VIH) Rollang Field Airport (RFK) Rome Griffiss International Airport (RME) Rome State Airport (REO) Romeoville Lewis University Airport (LOT) Rooke Field Airport (RFG) Roosevelt Airport (ROL) Rosario Seaplane Base Airport (RSJ) Roscoe Turner Airport (CRX) Roscommon County Airport (HTL) Rosecrans Memorial Airport (STJ) Roswell International Air Center Airport (ROW) Rotunda Airport (RTD) Roundup Airport (RPX) Rouses Point Airport (RSX) Rowan Bay Airport (RWB) Rowan County Airport (SRW) Roy Hurd Memorial Airport (MIF) RPD Airport (AMN) Ruby Airport (RBY) Rupert Airport (BYI) Russell Airport (RSL) Russian SPB Airport (RSH) Ruston Airport (RSN) Rutland Southern Vermont Regional Airport (RUT) Ryan Field Airport (HMT) Sacramento Executive Airport (SAC) Sacramento International Airport (SMF) Sacramento Mather Airport (MHR) Sacramento McClellan Airport (MCC) Safford Regional Airport (SAD) Saginaw MBS International Airport (MBS) Saginaw Seaplane Base Airport (SGW) Sagwon Airport (SAG) Salida Airport (SLT) Salina Airport (SBO) Salina Regional Airport (SLN) Salinas Airport (SNS) Salisbury Ocean City Wicomico Regional Airport (SBY) Salmon Airport (SMN) Salt Lake City International Airport (SLC) Salton Sea Airport (SAS) Sampson County Airport (CTZ) Samuels Field Airport (BRY) San Angelo Regional Airport (SJT) San Antonio International Airport (SAT) San Carlos Airport (SQL) San Diego International Airport (SAN) San Diego McClellan Palomar Airport (CLD) San Diego Montgomery Field Airport (MYF) San Fernando Airport (SFR) San Francisco International Airport (SFO) San Jose International Airport (SJC) San Juan /Uganik/ Seaplane Base Airport (WSJ) San Juan County Airport (MXC) San Luis Obispo County Regional Airport (SBP) San Luis Valley Regional Bergman Field Airport (ALS) San Marcos Municipal Airport (HYI) San Rafael H/P Airport (JSG) Sand Point Airport (SDP) Sanderson Field Airport (SHN) Sanford Airport (SFM) Santa Barbara Municipal Airport (SBA) Santa Cruz Island Airport (SZN) Santa Fe Municipal Airport (SAF) Santa Maria Public Airport (SMX) Santa Monica Airport (SMO) Santa Paula Airport (SZP) Santa Rosa Sonoma County Airport (STS) Santa Ynez Airport (SQA) Saranac Lake Adirondack Regional Airport (SLK) Sarasota-Bradenton International Airport (SRQ) Sarichef Airport (WSF) Sault Sainte Marie Chippewa County International Airport (CIU) Savannah Hilton Head International Airport (SAV) Savoonga Airport (SVA) Scammon Bay Airport (SCM) Schenectady County Airport (SCH) Schloredt Airport (SUC) Scholes International At Galveston Airport (GLS) Scott AFB/Midamerica Airport (BLV) Scottsbluff Western Nebraska Regional Airport (BFF) Scottsdale Airport (SCF) Sea Port Airport (BVD) Seal Bay Seaplane Base Airport (SYB) Searcy Airport (SRC) Searle Field Airport (OGA) Seattle Boeing Field (BFI) Seattle Tacoma International Airport (SEA) Sebring Regional Airport (SEF) Sedalia Airport (DMO) Sedona Airport (SDX) Selawik Airport (WLK) Seldovia Airport (SOV) Selfield Airport (SES) Selfs Airport (MMS) Sequim Valley Arpt Airport (SQV) Seward Airport (SWD) Shafter-Minter Field Airport (MIT) Shageluk Airport (SHX) Shaktoolik Airport (SKK) Shalz Field Airport (CBK) Shangri-la Airport (NRI) Sharpe AAF Airport (LRO) Sharpe Field Airport (TGE) Shaw AFB Airport (SSC) Sheboygan County Memorial Airport (SBM) Sheep Mountain Airport (SMU) Shelby Airport (SBX) Sheldon SPB Airport (SXP) Sheridan County Airport (SHR) Sherman AAF Airport (FLV) Sherman Airport (CSM) Sherwood Airport (PWD) Shishmaref Airport (SHH) Shively Field Airport (SAA) Shoal Cove Airport (HCB) Show Low Regional Airport (SOW) Shreveport Downtown Airport (DTN) Shreveport Regional Airport (SHV) Shungnak Airport (SHG) Sidney Airport (SXY) Sidney Airport (SNY) Sidney Richland Municipal Airport (SDY) Sierra Blanca Regional Airport (RUI) Sierra Vista Municipal Libby Army Air Field Airport (FHU) Sikorsky Heliport Airport (JSD) Silver City Grant County Airport (SVC) Simmons Army Air Field Airport (FBG) Sioux Falls Regional Airport (FSD) Sioux Gateway Airport (SUX) Siskiyou County Airport (SIY) Sitka Rocky Gutierrez Airport (SIT) Sitkinak Cgs Airport (SKJ) Skagit Regional Airport (MVW) Skagway Airport (SGY) Skypark Airport (BTF) Skypark Airport (SRU) Sleetmute Airport (SLQ) Smith Cove Airport (SCJ) Smith Field Airport (SLG) Smith Field Airport (SMD) Smyrna Airport (MQY) Socorro Airport (ONM) Soldotna Airport (SXQ) Solomon Airport (SOL) South Bend Airport (SBN) South Big Horn County Airport (GEY) South Naknek Nr 2 Airport (WSN) South Weymouth Airport (NZW) Southern Illinois Airport (MDH) Southern Seaplane Airport (BCS) Southern Wisconsin Regional (JVL) Southwest Florida International Airport (RSW) Southwest Michigan Regional Airport (BEH) Southwest Washington Regional Airport (KLS) Space Coast Regional Airport (TIX) Sparrevohn Lrrs Airport (SVW) Sparta Community-Hunter Airport (SAR) Spartanburg, Downtown Memorial Airport (SPA) SPB Airport (FNR) SPB Airport (MTM) SPB Airport (KKB) SPB Airport (HWI) SPB Airport (PSQ) SPB Airport (KTH) SPB Airport (KCN) SPB Airport (KIB) SPB Airport (MPB) SPB Airport (PMU) SPB Airport (HYL) Spence Airport (MUL) Spirit Lake Airport (RTL) Spirit of St. Louis Airport (SUS) Splane Memorial Airport (OIL) Spokane International Airport (GEG) Springdale Muni Airport (SPZ) Springfield Abraham Lincoln Capital Airport (SPI) Springfield Airport (SGH) Springfield Branson National Airport (SGF) St Clair County Airport (PLR) St Cloud Regional Airport (STC) St George Airport (PBV) St George Island Airport (STG) St Landry Parish Airport (OPL) St Louis Regional Airport (ALN) St Marys Airport (XSM) St Marys County Airport (LTW) St Michael Airport (SMK) St. Augustine Northeast Florida Regional Airport (UST) St. Clair County International Airport (PHN) St. George Regional Airport (SGU) St. Johns Industrial Air Park Airport (SJN) St. Louis Downtown Airport (CPS) St. Louis Lambert International Airport (STL) St. Mary's Airport (KSM) St. Paul Downtown Airport (STP) St. Paul Island Airport (SNP) St. Petersburg Clearwater International Airport (PIE) Stanton Airfield Airport (SYN) State Airport (SCB) State Airport (HES) State Airport (NPT) State Airport (GOL) State Airport (ESW) State College University Park Airport (SCE) Statesboro-Bulloch County Airport (TBR) Staunton Shenandoah Valley Regional Airport (SHD) Steamboat Bay Seaplane Base Airport (WSB) Steamboat Springs Airport (SBS) Stebbins Airport (WBB) Steel Pier Hlpt Airport (JSL) Stefan Field Airport (OFK) Stephens County Airport (BKD) Stevens Field Airport (PGO) Stevens Point Airport (STE) Stevens Village Airport (SVS) Stillwater Regional Airport (SWO) Stinson Municipal Airport (SSF) Stockton Metropolitan Airport (SCK) Stolport Airport (VLO) Stony River 2 Airport (SRV) Stouffers Heliport Airport (KPD) Stratford Sikorsky Memorial Airport (BDR) Strother Field Airport (WLD) Stroud Airport (SUD) Stuart Island Airport (SSW) Stuart Witham Field Airport (SUA) Stuttgart Municipal Airport (SGT) Sugar Land Regional Airport (SGR) Sullivan County International Airport (MSV) Sulphur Springs Airport (SLR) Summit Airport (UMM) Sunriver Airport (SUO) Susanville Airport (SVE) Sweetwater Airport (SWW) Sylvester Airport (SYV) Syracuse Hancock International Airport (SYR) Tahneta Pass Airport (HNE) Takotna Airport (TCT) Taku Lodge Seaplane Base Airport (TKL) Talkeetna Airport (TKA) Talladega Municipal Airport (ASN) Tallahassee International Airport (TLH) Tampa International Airport (TPA) Tanacross Airport (TSG) Tanalian Point Airport (TPO) Taos Regional Airport (TSM) Tatalina LRRS Airport (TLJ) Tatitlek Airport (TEK) Taylor Airport (TWE) Taylor Airport (TYZ) Technology Park Airport (JAE) Telfair-Wheeler Airport (MQW) Teller Airport (TLA) Telluride Regional Airport (TEX) Tenakee SPB Airport (TKE) Terre Haute International Hulman Field Airport (HUF) Terrell Field Airport (TRL) Teterboro Airport (TEB) Tetlin Airport (TEH) Texarkana Regional Airport (TXK) The City Heliport Airport (JOR) The Hattiesburg-Bobby L. Chain Mun. Airport (HBG) Thermal Jacqueline Cochran Regional Airport (TRM) Thief River Falls Regional Airport (TVF) Thomas C Russell Field Airport (ALX) Thompson-Robbins Airport (HEE) Thompsonfield Airport (THM) Thorne Bay Airport (KTB) Tin City Afs Airport (TNC) Tinker AFB, Airport (TIK) Tioga Municipal Airport (VEX) Tipton AAF Airport (FME) Toccoa RG Letourneau Field Airport (TOC) Togiak Airport (TOG) Togiak Fish Airport (GFB) Tok Airport (TKJ) Tokeen Seaplane Base Airport (TKI) Toksook Bay Airport (OOK) Toledo Executive Airport (TDZ) Toledo Express Airport (TOL) Tonopah Arpt Airport (TPH) Tonopah Test Range Airport (XSD) Topeka Regional Airport (FOE) Topp Of Tampa Airport (KYO) Torrance Municipal Airport (TOA) Tradewind Airport (TDW) Traverse City Cherry Capital Airport (TVC) Travis AFB Airport (SUU) Tremonton Airport (TRT) Trent Lott International Airport (PGL) Trenton Mercer Airport (TTN) Tri State Steuben County Airport (ANQ) Tri-City Airport (PPF) Tri-County Regional Airport (LNR) Trona Airport (TRH) Troutdale Airport (TTD) Troy Municipal Airport (TOI) Truckee Tahoe Airport (TKF) Truth Or Consequences Municipal Airport (TCS) TSTC Waco Airport (CNW) Tuba City Airport (TBC) Tucson International Airport (TUS) Tucson Marana Regional Airport (AVW) Tucumcari Municipal Airport (TCC) Tullahoma/William Northern Field Airport (THA) Tulsa International Airport (TUL) Tulsa Richard Lloyd Jones Jr. Airport (RVS) Tuluksak Airport (TLT) Tunica Municipal Airport (UTM) Tuntutuliak Airport (WTL) Tununak Airport (TNK) Tupelo Regional Airport (TUP) Tuscaloosa Regional Airport (TCL) Twentynine Palms Airport (TNP) Twin Falls Magic Valley Regional Airport (TWF) Twin Hills Airport (TWA) Two Harbors Amphibious Terminal Airport (TWH) Tyler Pounds Regional Airport (TYR) Tyndall AFB Airport (PAM) Tyonek Airport (TYE) Uganik Airport (UGI) Ugashik Bay Airport (UGB) Ugnu-Kuparuk Airport (UUK) Ukiah Municipal Airport (UKI) Umiat Airport (UMT) Umnak Airport (UNS) Unalakleet Airport (UNK) Unalaska Airport (DUT) Upolu Airport (UPP) Upper Bucks Airport (UKT) US Army Heliport Airport (JLH) USAF Academy Airfield Airport (AFF) USAF Heliport Airport (WWS) USN Heliport Airport (NDV) Valdez Airport (VDZ) Valdosta Regional Airport (VLD) Valparaiso Northwest Florida Regional Airport (VPS) Van Nuys Airport (VNY) Van Service Airport (QWP) Van Service Airport (QCE) Van Service Airport (QKB) Vance Air Force Base Airport (END) Vandalia Airport (VLA) Vandenberg AFB Airport (VBG) VanGalder Bus Termina Airport (ZRK) Venetie Airport (VEE) Venice Municipal Airport (VNC) Vermilion County Airport (DNV) Vernal Airport (VEL) Vero Beach Municipal Airport (VRB) Versailles Airport (VRS) Vicksburg Municipal Airport (VKS) Victoria Regional Airport (VCT) Victorville Southern California Logistics Airport (VCV) Vidalia Municipal Airport (VDI) View Cove Airport (VCB) Virgil I Grissom Municipal Airport (BFR) Virginia Highlands Airport (VJI) Virginia Tech Montgomery Executive Airport (BCB) Visalia Municipal Airport (VIS) Volk Field Airport (VOK) Vor Airport (OTO) W H 'Bud' Barron Airport (DBN) W K Kellogg Airport (BTL) W T Piper Memorial Airport (LHV) Waco Regional Airport (ACT) Waikoloa Airport (WKL) Waimea Kohala Airport (MUE) Wainwright Airport (AWI) Wainwright Airport (AIN) Waldronaire Airport (WDN) Wales Airport (WAA) Walla Walla Airport (ALW) Wallops Flight Facility Airport (WAL) Walnut Ridge Regional Airport (ARG) Walter J. Koladza Airport (GBR) Waltham Airport (WLM) Ware Airport (UWA) Warm Spring Bay Seaplane Base Airport (BNF) Warren County Airport (RNC) Warren Field Airport (OCW) Warroad International Memorial Airport (RRT) Washington County Airport (WSG) Washington Dulles International Airport (IAD) Washington Ronald Reagan National Airport (DCA) Wasilla Airport (WWA) Waterfall Seaplane Base Airport (KWF) Waterloo Regional Airport (ALO) Watertown International Airport (ART) Watertown Regional Airport (ATY) Waterville Robert Lafleur Airport (WVL) Watsonville Municipal Airport (WVI) Waukesha County (UES) Wausau Central Wisconsin Airport (CWA) Wausau Downtown Airport (AUW) Waycross Ware County Airport (AYS) Wayne County Airport (BJJ) Waynesville St. Robert Regional Airport (TBN) Webster City Municipal Airport (EBS) Weedon Field Airport (EUF) Weld County Airport (GXY) Wellsville Municipal Airport (ELZ) Wenatchee Pangborn Memorial Airport (EAT) Wendover Airport (ENV) West 30th St. Airport (JRA) West Bend Airport (ETB) West Houston Airport (IWS) West Kavik Airport (VKW) West Kuparuk Airport (XPU) West Memphis Municipal Airport (AWM) West Palm Beach International Airport (PBI) West Point Village Seaplane Base Airport (KWP) West Woodward Airport (WWR) Westerly State Airport (WST) Westfield Barnes Regional Airport (BAF) Westhampton Beach Francis S Gabresk Airport (FOK) Westover ARB/Metropolitan Airport (CEF) Westsound/Wsx Seaplane Base Airport (WSX) Wexford County Airport (CAD) Wharton Regional Airport (WHT) Wheeler Army Airfield Airport (HHI) Wheeling Ohio Co Airport (HLG) Whidbey Island NAS (NUW) White Mountain Airport (WMO) White Plains Westchester County Airport (HPN) White River Airport (WTR) Whiteman AFB Airport (SZL) Whiteman Airport (WHP) Whiteside County Airport (SQI) Whiting Field NAS Airport (NSE) Wichita Dwight D. Eisenhower National Airport (ICT) Wichita Falls Municipal Airport (SPS) Wilgrove Air Park Airport (QWG) Wilkes Barre Wyoming Valley Airport (WBW) Wilkes County Airport (IKB) William J Fox Airport (WJF) Williams Memorial Airport (PTN) Williamsport Regional Airport (IPT) Williston Sloulin Field International Airport (ISN) Willmar Municipal Airport (ILL) Willoughby Lost Nation Municipal Airport (LNN) Willow Airport (WOW) Willow Grove NAS Airport (NXX) Wilmington Air Park Airport (ILN) Wilmington International Airport (ILM) Wilmington New Castle Airport (ILG) Winder Airport (WDR) Windom Municipal Airport (MWM) Windsor Locks Bradley International Airport (BDL) Wings Field Airport (BBX) Wink Airport (INK) Winnemucca Municipal Airport (WMC) Winslow-Lindbergh Airport (INW) Winston Field Airport (SNK) Winston-Salem Smith Reynolds Airport (INT) Wiscasset Airport (ISS) Wiseman Airport (WSM) Wokal Field Glasgow International Airport (GGW) Wolf Point L. M. Clayton Airport (OLF) Wood River Airport (WOD) Woodchopper Airport (WOO) Woodlands Airport (JWL) Woodward Field Airport (CDN) Worcester Regional Airport (ORH) Worland Municipal Airport (WRL) Worthington Airport (OTG) Wrangell Airport (WRG) Wright Field Airport (DWF) Yakataga Airport (CYT) Yakima Airport (YKM) Yakutat Airport (YAK) Yelland Airport (ELY) Yellowstone Airport (WYS) Yerington Municipal Airport (EYR) Yes Bay Lodge Seaplane Base Airport (WYB) York Airport (THV) Yosemite Ntl Park Airport (OYS) Youngstown Warren Regional Airport (YNG) Yuba County Airport (MYV) Yuma International Airport (YUM) Zachar Bay Seaplane Base Airport (KZB) Zahn's Airport (AYZ) Zanesville Municipal Airport (ZZV) Zephyrhills Municipal Airport (ZPH)